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Monday, February 15, 2016


June 29, 2014

My hair was ridiculous the morning after.
The hat was hilarious.
And this photo was priceless. 
(Definitely NOT my mindset anymore but still a fun pic!)

Jesse will forever be my ghetto friend.
It's only fitting since we met at a Women's Encounter at church...she rapped LL Cool J as I danced to it...and we got yelled at for too much noise.

They finally married y'all!
Them shirts tho, so cute.

Best Friends.

The letter that Jesse wrote just for me.
I absolutely love this.

This photo truly describes our friendship.

Just grubbin' before I got back on the plane after the wedding.

GREAT GREAT wedding.
Great memories.


Live. Life. Out. Loud.


June 28, 2014

Jordan, Emma and I started our morning with starbucks !

Jordan talking to Jesse about going shopping before the wedding lol. 
No surprise there!

Margaret and Desiree for hair and make up!

How cute is this?!

Jordan being Jordan whilst I have my make up and hair barely done.

Katie and Michelle getting their hair did!

Jesse being in this chair was rather amusing. 
The bride getting her hair and make up did!

...This is why it was amusing.

Jesse wrote each bridesmaid and maid of honor (her sister Katie) a letter that was very personalized of each of our friendships with her and a cute bracelet. This was incredibly sweet and the video of all of us crying the entire time we read our letters is hilarious and makes us all cry all over again.

Such a cool idea with my hair ! I had no idea what they were doing but it turned out unforgettably amazing!

Just Jess ....being jess! Beautiful !

I'm pretty sure Jesse was explaining the part in the letter she wrote me about us having black dads . . .

Dylan took his job VERY seriously.
He. Is. Adorable.

We were the first couple to dance down the aisle!

Jordan couldn't contain himself RIGHT after the wedding. 
It was emotions and ...alcohol haha. 
He cried for so long. Their dreams came true.

The husband and bride all married!


Best Friends since 2008! 
8 years of friendship has gone by so fast!

I was NOT trying to catch the flowers. I just kept dancing trying to avoid this catastrophe.
I was in the wedding, I wasn't trying to have my own!

But I did get my dance on.


Aw, I just know if Lawren and I lived closer, we would be best friends!

Victoria, Elaine, and Franky!

I'm not just saying this because it was my best friends wedding BUT ..this was the most FUN wedding I have ever been too! The basketball theme and how all the guys had personalized shoes that matched and they had NBA socks and just everything matched SO good! 

The reception with each of us announced to the floor just like in a basketball game, was just a genius. Everything about the wedding was amazing! (It ALMOST made me want to have a wedding one day)

So incredibly grateful for Jesse finding such a wonderful man of God.
He is so loving and kind.

I love my family!

Live. Life. Out. Loud.