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Monday, December 19, 2011


We had to take a pic in front of the Christmas tree!

Since twitter has blown up so quickly, I'm always on it and won a meet & greet with Jesse Metcalfe, at Hard Rock! For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he used to play on Passions when he was younger and most know him as the gardener from Desperate Housewives.

I brought Lindsey with me (my roommate) and we were to meet Lewis (the marketing intern) at Johnny Smalls (a restaurant below Vanity Nightclub) inside of Hard Rock. Lindsey and I went early since I hadn't been to Hard Rock in Vegas yet and wanted to check it all out. We had some drinks then met with Lewis at 9:30pm. 

I was so excited to be in front of Elvis memorabilia 

We love Elvis!!

I love Johnny Cash!!

Lindsey was gambling big on the penny slots!!

What a fun experience we had for a run, random, night out! Lewis is actually from Kissimmee, FL so that was cool. A lot of people I've met are from FL. 

After taking our picture with Jesse Metcalfe, Lewis bought us drinks (so sweet!) and we then made our way to Vanity. We were informed that the ladies restroom was pretty cool SO we decided to have a mini photo shoot there.

This last picture of me is SO scary that I couldn't not post it.

The music is really good at Vanity and we enjoyed sitting around, talking, drinking...people watching.


It's officially been 1 month since I moved to Vegas!

I never get tired of any of the views here. It's either mountains or hotels! I have to stop myself from snapping pictures whilst driving because it's dangerous and I live here so I can take pictures whenever.

I'll start off with the not so great news. I still don't have a job yet and I've not only applied at hotels but also at Target, Kohl's, etc. I've had 3 pre-screening interviews (which are extremely annoying and a waste of time and gas) and 1 actual interview. The actual interview was at the Vdara but the woman who interviewed me either never interviewed someone before or was nervous because she didn't have questions, she didn't review me resume prior to my arrival. She was just unprepared.

If there's anything I've learned in life over these past few years, it's that life is all about timing. I'm not losing faith and know that the right hotel will contact me at the right time. I am finally getting extremely anxious and sick of sitting at home.

Aside from that, the other not so good news is that my toe is still broken and still terribly swollen. I broke it the first week of October, got X-rays the first week of November and it was a clear break across the big toe. I didn't ice, elevate or stay off my foot when it happened so I'm thinking that's why the swelling hasn't gone down SO all I've down this past month is elevate my foot and take care of it. I have a boot to use, thankfully, so I use that as well. But, for now, I'm hoping it somehow heals before I get a job.


I found a church!! It's JUST like NWC! Nothing honestly compares to the environment and the people at NWC but if there's a church that's almost the exact same, it's this one! It's called "All People Christian Church" (the link is on the right side of my blog, under links) Funny story how I found it. I actually haven't been looking for a church since I left Orlando in June because I just watch NWC live on Ustream. But, yesterday after I went to the post office, I decided to go to the grocery store (which I very rarely do and normally back out of going) and as I was walking in, there were a small group of carolers and one woman was hanging out some paper invite thing. I took one and was going to just throw it away but I decided to glance at it and noticed it said "All People Christian Church" so I decided to hang onto it to google it when I got home. I googled it, researched what they believe and it's non-denominational and exactly like my last church! How awesome does God work?! 

The church is just down the street from where I live. And it's not an actual church, service is actually held in the gym of an elementary school. Anyways, Pastor Bret is from Nevada and his wife is from California. They just moved, about 3 years ago, from California back to Nevada. They also lived in Orlando for a year so we chatted for a while. Pastor and his wife invited me over for Christmas not knowing if I have anywhere to go (so sweet) but I let them know I have friends here. So, all in all, it's a blessing I found a church and wonderful people.

2 weeks ago, I also applied to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club, located just down the street from my house too. The new director just moved here this past April from...Orlando. HAHA Everyone I'm meeting is from Orlando. Anyways, we talked and I ended up volunteering for 5 hours last Saturday and Sunday, keeping score at a basketball tournament. I met a few nice people there too.

I've been blessed since I arrived in Nevada and excited for my chapter to begin here. The only thing left is getting a job but I know it'll happen in the right time. Thank goodness for Anthony and Lindsey and them welcoming me in their home.

FYI - I no longer refer to Wisconsin as home. Sure, I was born and raised there until I was 18 but since living in FL the last 7 years, FL has become my home that I refer to as I'm living in Nevada now. So long WI, I will NOT miss the cold, just the people!