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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well, the "plan" was to move to Vegas in January and I began applying to Vegas Hotels the week after I returned to WI at the end of October BUT things happened faster than expected and I'm here!

I sent out a group text to a few of my close friends so that I could keep them updated where I was and if I was stopping or not. I knew it'd get annoying for people to see numbers they don't know replying back to me and to get texts randomly throughout the night BUT it was the only thing that made me feel safe and secure during this drive alone. (THANKS to all who had to put up with it and me!)

I got 2 hours of sleep on Friday night (11/18) since I was just anxious to start driving. I woke up at 3:30am and was on the road by 4:15am. I went through Beloit, WI and as I was entering Illinois, I realized I didn't have any cash on me at all (for tolls). Thankfully there was an exit right before the first toll and I went to the ATM. I only had two tolls from that point forward. I was thinking it was like Florida with it's 5 tolls every 10 exits. I may be exaggerating slightly but that's what it feels like.

Hollie was texting me on her way to work and she reminded me of "LAUGH W/ NO TEETH"

Peggy, Justin and I stopped at Barnes & Noble after our dinner date on Thursday (11/17) and we purchased some audio cds for me to listen to. FYI - It's actually Chelsea Handler reading her book which makes it THAT much better because her voice is hilarious. I switched between the local radio channels and all 3 of these audio cds and survived my drive with all that.

A pic of my first stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

I didn't even realize I stopped at a German Restaurant for my potty break! Too bad I was too tired and not hungry to actually take a look around. 

Oh Iowa

I made it to Des Moines, Iowa in 5 hours

It's fun to see where I started my journey and then when I actually reach Nevada

Don't worry, I merely did this to show off my socks. I did not drive like this....but the socks kept me SO WARM!

That's right, I made it to Nebraska in 5 hours from Des Moines, IA (total of 10 hours from WI)

I took this picture because I got nervous that my "maintenance required" light came on but I just kept other choice. By the way, Nebraska was awful to drive in. It was 20 degrees (SO cold) and extremely windy the entire drive. SO windy that I thought my driver side window was going to fly off. At one point I even used my left hand to attempt to hold the glass closer to the door. Oh the things we think of in desperation.

I reached Colorado around 3pm and it took 5 hours from Nebraska (total of 15 hours of driving)

I was going to try and sleep for 2 hours (during the daylight) at a rest area but I couldn't. It was cold in Colorado and I didn't want to waste gas and leave my car on. 

This was the fanciest rest stop EVER by the way. It was manned by 2 older men and it was more like a library. I'd never seen a rest stop like this before. One of the guys gave me a Colorado postcard and magazine and I had a cup of coffee before I left. They also had computer screens with the weather because I was trying to decide if I should take the southern route and go through New Mexico and Arizona BUT I decided that since I got this far, this quickly, just keep going. 

I laid in my car for an hour, trying to sleep, but couldn't. At least I rested because there was a point I felt dizzy because I was up for so many hours and driving. I ate and drank a lot of water but my body was catching up to me.

So gross.

I filled Medusa up every half tank since I didn't want to run out of gas. And I also stopped at the time because when I got back on the road from the rest area, it was dark and the road I was on made it feel like I was getting a flat tire. My heart just dropped because it was pitch black, cold, no exits and my trunk was filled with my life. I got off this exit, looked at all tires and realized it was just the road...THANK GOD.

At this gas station in Colorado, the roads were SO windy and it was very difficult to see. I got dizzy just from the roads, though I couldn't see anything (since it was so dark), I could feel my car going round and round. I HATED driving in Colorado. I'd been driving for 19 hours now on only 2 hours of sleep and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I needed to rest. 

I found a comfort inn that cost me $100 for 5 hours of sleep. WHATEVER.

I literally walked into the room, turned on that lamp, pulled the covers down and passed out.

I love pillows!!!

The hotel dog roaming around at 5am. I slept from 11pm and my alarm went off at 4:30am. I was back on the road by 5am and leaving Eagle, Colorado. The second I knew I was driving to Vegas...I was on a mission and was driving on pure adrenaline.

I made it from Eagle, Colorado to Utah in 2 hours

Don't get mad BUT Utah was literally dead! There was one, two lane road with NO cars or trucks AT ALL. I went 100 the ENTIRE way through Utah. 

My breakfast were cheetos. I couldn't waste time. I was getting so close to Nevada.

Medusa and I go hard. Still in Utah.

250 miles left to get to Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh this seemed "so Utah" like. This was my last stop to get gas! I was pondering if there were even any people in Utah since there was absolutely nothing anywhere. 

I drove 100 the entire way through Arizona since I knew I was only passing through very quickly....sooooo close!

I reached Nevada!!!

You could see the Stratosphere hotel from the freeway

I made it safe in sound and in one piece.

When I first got on the road to leave Wisconsin...I had never felt so liberated in my entire life. I'm sure I was not fun to be around since I was unhappy. It really was no fun for anyone. I was working there because I had to but all the time thinking about how I was wasting time doing something I didn't want to do for my future. I had a plan and had to go. I recommend everyone do the same since we only live once and we might as well do what we want.

I'm in the process in finding a job. I'm excited, not nervous at all. 

Some friendly advice. Don't let the noise of others block you from doing what you want to do. Let people think whatever they want to because EVEN IF you do what they want...they'll still think whatever they want to. Being with family won't necessarily make you happy if you're not doing what you want to do. And it's nothing personal to anyone, it's the simple fact that each person has their own wills, wants and dreams. 

Moral of this silly what makes you happy.