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Monday, January 31, 2011

Liberia, Costa Rica - Day 7 - ADIOS COSTA RICA!

Karen woke up early, around 6:30am, because she was paranoid about missing her bus to Nicaragua. Since we both woke up early, we got ready and walked around the beach area one last time before our taxi came at 9am to take me to the airport then Karen to her bus stop.
So long most amazing cheap place to stay :)
OMG - I'm so gross and so tired 

Karen was collecting seashells for her kids back in Nicaragua
I'm going to miss you playa del coco

My "sexy" stance
Karen's "sexy" stance.... 
Take 2 is even funnier
There we go...I think, haha
We are ridiculous
This is one of my ugliest faces and I'm happy to share it w/ the world 
Squeezing a short nap in before our taxi arrives
We're sad we're leaving...

So least until June for Brit and Bill's wedding!
I started and finished Nicholas Sparks's "Safe Haven" and was totally hooked so time actually went by quickly  
The non A/C airport...  
So hot 
This was a great spot for people watching
We board outside.
On the plane, I kept having to bend down to get into my backpack and I just knew my butt crack was showing...ah well.
I also would trail off and day dream that my plane would land in another country instead of Orlando and I'd get to keep traveling and traveling and traveling.....

This was my 7 days in Costa Rica w/ my best friend. I couldn't have imagined the hilarious memories we made and I'm so thankful for such a friend like Karen.
Having 1 best friend is ABSOLUTELY VITAL for life!

Liberia, Costa Rica - Day 6 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

We woke up and almost forgot it was my birthday since we celebrated the night before, haha. Karen got me this cute (and ever so convenient) bag from Nicaragua. (It's similar to the size of the Victoria Secret's bags you get during Christmas time when you spend lots of money)
We went to the beach by 10am. What's funny is that every morning we always planned to lay out longer and it ALWAYS felt like we'd been out there for hours and hours but I'd look at my watch and it was always only 45 minutes to an hour! Karen insisted that it was because we weren't comfortable enough being w/out chairs to fall asleep on...I agree. And let me tell you about Karen's "trick" - we were walking past this area where sand was sinking into the ground and Karen says, "Kristina, watch this" and she stands right on the edge and falls right on her butt and starts laughing because she was surprised. She was expecting to just slide down and land on her feet...she thought wrong and we laugh...again.
Z Lounge was our spot
I'm 25?!
We also decided that we are the worst at stereotyping! If I didn't say something out loud, she'd say it and vice versa. Perhaps us together is just a dangerous combination, haha
These nachos were the BEST and I had them 3 times during our 7 day trip,  haha! We stayed here most of the day and watched the Packer game.
Karen was scratching her back w/ her knife...classy
After the game, we stopped at the bank and the supermarket. Karen likes to simply walk around the supermarket, even if she doesn't need anything, since it's the closest thing that reminds her of the states. And in this picture, she's holding her favorite food: CEREAL.
After walking around, we went to Beach Bums later that night and watched the Steelers play whilst enjoying a snack. We then walked on the beach at night time and just sat there looking at the stars. Karen was pondering over the question, "Is there more stars or sand in the universe?"
We also started planning out Greece/Egypt trip when we're 30. Hopefully that's enough time for Karen to save money for a trip like that :)  
Our last night before I fly back to Orlando and Karen takes her 6 hour bus ride to Nicaragua...

Liberia, Costa Rica - Day 5 - LIFE IS A BEACH, I'M JUST PLAYIN' IN THE SAND...

Karen and I woke up at 9am and ready to hit the the past 4 mornings, haha! 

We decided, since it was low tide, to walk across to the other side of the beach  and lay out there.
I couldn't lay out that comfortably because there were tons of tiny crabs, that lived in holes in the sand, and I was paranoid they'd climb on me... 


Karen was pointing at the penis.. 
She just got a kick out of this island

Our jaws hurt so bad from snorkeling still. And we were still sore from zip lining (our arms) and horseback riding (our butts) - we were a mess by the end of our trip. After our beach time, we ate at Coconuts then showered and literally waited for the hours to pass until we went out that night for my birthday. In the meantime, I wanted to play cards and Karen doesn't like to but I convinced her to play Slapjack and let me tell you how hilarious that became. Pretty much anything we do become a story and extremely hilarious. What happens is as she went to slap the jack, she was so excited she choked on her saliva - we, again, were laughing for a few minutes before we could continue.
So I tried putting my jeans on AFTER I put lotion on my legs...not so easy
I had too much fun w/ the timer on my camera...
Karen's dress was too cute
I borrowed Elvis's hat for a photo :)
Just 3 hours before I turn 25! 
Locals we met while we were visiting
One of the many birthday shots...
Not so yummy

Bailar! Bailar! 
I was afraid to drink that "Coo coo racha" drink....and while I was waiting for this drink to be lit on fire, Elvis points to my dimples on my shoulders and asks, "What's this?"
You light it on fire...
SO gross
And I drank most of it but then had the guys take the rest

It's midnight and I'm 25! Big hugs from Bernie! 
Love you, sister!

This guy Bernie was CRAZY and had so much energy ALL OF THE TIME! After the dance party, we walked on the beach and random strangers (along w/ Bernie) sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish.
Unforgettable birthday :)