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Friday, February 28, 2014


February 14, 2014

Justin (my cousins husband) called me one day in December when Aphrodite (my car) was getting a bath by the Mexicans and had a great idea. He asked if I could fly out to Milwaukee for Peggy's baby shower in February. And my first response was, "I really can't afford that and I can't take the time off." He then went on to say that he got a new job and will fly me out, I just have to see about the time off. Even that seemed impossible because we were short a manager therefore time off wasn't an option. I texted him the first couple days of January saying that I couldn't come because we still hadn't hired a new manager, etc. THEN 2 weeks later, we promoted someone and I decided to ask her if she'd switch her days off (her days off are Saturday/Sunday) with me so that I would only have to take 1 vacation day and she agreed! So I then texted Justin if the offer was still there and he said, "Yes!"
SO after keep this trip a secret from Peggy, less than a month after booking the flight to WI on 2/14, I was going to head to Milwaukee!

Now, I flew Frontier to Minnesota back in October 2014 and I do not recall the airline people making us measure our carry on luggage but they were definitely doing that this time when we were at the gate, waiting to board. I saw people going up and doing it by themselves and then someone from the airline would announce, "if you haven't sized up your carry on when checking in, please come size up your carry on." I heard this and simply thought, "how absurd" SO I chose to bypass that and take my chances to board when my zone was called and see if they say anything. Of course, no one said anything! Because they were too preoccupied with reading our boarding tickets to pay attention to such a silly thing. Sometimes I can't listen to stupid rules just out of principle.

Once I was boarding, there was a wait on the plane for everyone and the woman in front of me had a cool looking purse so I decided to touch it while I was waiting. It was nice. She didn't know.

This pretty sight was flying over Denver.

It's barely a 2 hour flight from Vegas to Denver and then I had enough time to use the restroom and then it was time to board to Wisconsin. It's roughly 3 hours from Denver to Milwaukee.

One of my many pet peeves? Adults speaking like children. This lady beside me was sitting beside her husband and in the MOST annoying child-like voice asked him to get her headphones. It was like a 5 year old asking her dad for something. REALLY? I get talking in a weird voice to new babies or pets from time to time but CMON.

This was 30 minutes out from landing in Milwaukee.

I've discovered a new way to sleep on planes if you were wondering. I realized just as I sat down on my flight, that I forgot my neck pillow. Of ALL things to forget, I know. So I decided to put the tray, in front of me, down and put my sweatshirt on the tray to use as a pillow and lay forward. That's probably MORE comfortable/relaxing than my neck pillow. I had a 630am flight from Vegas to WI so I slept on both flights just fine. I can basically sleep anywhere and I love that.

This was my first time back home since I left in November 2011.

It was pretty cold. 
About 20 degrees but I wasn't outside much and only there for less than 72 hours.

Justin took a half day at work to pick me up at 1:30pm. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and Justin's walking in front of me and I see two guys standing in the store with those nets and I'm like, "Justin, why are those guys standing there? Are they always here?" and I just couldn't leave it alone. The guy pictured below saw me looking and talking to Justin so I decided to walk up to him. The man made some joke about Big Foot and when he saw I wasn't interested in the joke AT ALL, he said they were there to catch a bird that's loose in the store, haha.
And here I thought I'd just been gone from the Midwest far too long. Which is quite alright.

Justin and I went home and were pretty much just anxious and waiting for Peggy to come home from work. I had this Vera Bradley diaper bag shipped to their house because I wasn't sure how long it would take. Luckily Justin was able to get it before Peggy saw it. I knew that if she saw, "Vera Bradley" it would give it away right away. It came in this pretty box but I decided to wrap it in newspaper to finish it :)

Justin and I thought of a few different scenarios to do, with how to surprise Peggy. What's funny is the entire time since Justin picked me up, up until she was driving home, she'd been texting me about her day and how she was stressed. It took everything in me to NOT tell her that I was coming (because she called me that week before I flew in) and especially the day that I got there! The surprise was well worth the secret. As she was driving home, she decides to call me and tell me how Justin told her he wanted her home by 5pm because he has some surprise. Justin recorded me since the time she called me on the phone and the rest of the surprise. 
Love this girl too much. She means the world to me.
For those of you who don't know. Peggy and I are just 6 months apart and our moms are sisters. We got baptized together and we've remained close throughout all of our years. Even over the distance since I moved to FL back in 2004 to now me living in NV. 
Love her.

She knew what it was!

I have no idea what we were discussing at this point but these pictures are great.

THIS is my favorite.

We were all hungry so we went to a place that used to be called, "Painted Parrot" but is now called "Monkey's Caribbean Grill". I texted my friend, Chris, telling him we were there because he sent me a Painted Parrot shirt to FL one year as a gift and I was there but the name changed. So he and his fiance, Megan, stopped by on their way home. That was my first time meeting Megan, she's sweet and I'm excited for their big day in August!

 This was one of the MOST COMFORTABLE couches EVER. 
And Justin even made my bed :)

I've known Justin and Peggy since they first started dating back in 2002 or 2003. I've been there through all their stuff and it's an amazing feeling to have such good people and family in your life. I'm extremely blessed. Justin is going to be such a good dad and he's so ready. Peggy is going to be such a wonderful mother and I can't wait to meet their new baby. 

She's due on April 16, 2014. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


February 7, 2014

I was at Container Park (also AMAZING) off of 8th Street and Fremont. It was for a co-workers going away/Congrats to her new job move. There are stores, a couple of bars, a large park in the center of it all which is kid friendly but the kids have to go at 9pm so it's adults only, a stage with grass in front it, and it's only a few weeks old.

In the park, there are 3 tube slides and I could NOT go down the biggest one. HAHA I'm claustrophobic AND it's dark sooo I couldn't do it! I don't really care for slides. We sat at The Boozery (outside) for some time. It's a very nice clean and entertainment filled area.

I spontaneously stayed at The Artisan off of Sahara and the 15. Since I was downtown, I decided to look at my Hotels Tonight app (which I do everyday, daily) and saw that it was $35 to stay. I paid $51 out the door. The resort fee is $9.95+tax. There's wifi in the room and I'm not sure what else, if anything. I simply was staying there to check out the hotel then sleep so I didn't care to ask for amenities or learn what was included. I will probably on my next stay there :)

They have a terrible self parking location which is actually across the street and down some. So I just valet parked. Much easier and it's free aside from the tip. The tip beats the walk to/from self parking when you're lazy.

This is the hallway to the rooms. They only have 64 rooms and the highest floor in the 5th floor. My room was on the 3rd floor and the doors are pretty close to each other as if the rooms are crammed beside each other.

This bed was the most comfortable bed EVER. (And I'm not exaggerating) The room was very dark. The entire hotel is very dark but it's clean and such a great look.

Bathroom is small and simple but just fine to get the job done.

View from the room.

This is the ceiling of the bar on one side. At check in, the agent informed me that the bar goes from 10pm to 8am and inquired if I wanted a quiet room. Of course! I was place opposite side of the bar location buuuut you can hear the bar still. They have a live DJ and it gets busy late at night. I was there around midnight but headed to my room shortly after.

The other side of the bar ceiling. Small mirrors everywhere.

What the bar entrance looks like at night.
I had the pleasure of seeing Ron Jeremy walk into the bar (sense the sarcasm). I left shortly after and went to my room. I didn't care to stay up late, I was tired.

The hotel lobby at night.

I like the pictures in the room. Everything looks like it's from an antique store. It's very cool.

This is heading towards the elevator, from the room.

The lobby in daylight.
As I was heading toward the front desk at 11am, why do I see Ron Jeremy in his boxers and T-Shirt? Why why do I keep seeing this man?

More of the lobby and in the direction of the pool.


This is the entrance of the hotel.

This is the view from valet parking. It's a very small hotel but I love it. I really enjoyed this boutique style.

Inside of the bar, during the day.

EVEN THOUGH I woke up a few times during the night because of the bar, hearing people outside of my window and I could hear everything in the hallway, I would still stay again and recommend the hotel. You won't get a solid amount of sleep but it's still great. That's really the only down side. I'd definitely recommend to stay here at least once. It's a good looking hotel. Small but just right.

Live. Life. Out. Loud.