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Friday, March 2, 2012


Let's be real. 
There will always be something that gets in the way of a goal.
With that said, we simply need to learn to adapt and adjust accordingly in order to continue to make that goal.

What prompted me to even think of this was the fact that I broke my toe in October (6 months ago) and how I haven't worked out since. I was on a regular routine where I worked out 4 times a week. Then I broke my toe and I stopped completely. 
I really didn't have to stop completely, I simply needed to figure out how I can go about working out with my toe being broken. I could still have ridden the bike at the gym or still do my ab workout and even arms. Instead, I decided that it was an easy out to say my toe was broken and be lazy for a few months.

My thoughts were blinded by my one thought, "my toe is broken, I can't run or play basketball so I can't workout". 
Thinking back on it now, I didn't even try thinking of other ways to workout. I simply stuck with the fact that I couldn't work out the way I normally do which is running and playing sports. I was being close minded and my negative thinking was actually hindering any other thinking from happening.

Don't let anyone or anything hinder you in accomplishing your goals.
Sure, there will be obstacles but CHOOSE the better route and figure out how to push through the hurdle rather than letting it win over you. 

Same thing goes with procrastination. Life will always be busy and too busy sometimes to do everything. We prioritize on getting things done that "need" it but things that we don't necessarily "need" to do right away, we put off which lingers to sometimes never getting done. No one wants to be that person that starts 5 tasks and only finishes 2. 

Take charge of your life and your goals!
Don't allow someone or something win over you!
YOU have the power because it's the choices you choose to make!