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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


January 25, 2013

Be warned: I have a lot of stories on this day.

I believe that I've mastered the days in which I travel, where I travel. When I travel anywhere in the states, I go for 4 days, 3 nights. Typically that's the perfect amount of time but because this trip, I traveled alone, I got everything done in 3 days BUT it was nice to relax that last day. Now, if I travel abroad, 7 days and 6 nights is sufficient. I learned this when I was in Costa Rica.

My airplane outfit. I don't understand how people fly in anything other than sweats. When I see people wearing jeans on the plane, I feel uncomfortable.

I have a love/hate relationship with technology but when it comes to traveling, it's typically a love relationship UNLESS I can't get off of my phone then it becomes a problem.

I couldn't sleep in any of the days that I was in Seattle. So I was out of my room by 11am and had a pizza bagel and vanilla wafer latte. I actually really liked Seattle's Best Coffee better than starbucks. That's right, I said it and I've got NO PROBLEM not being a part of "the norm". And this coffee place was located inside of my hotel so it was extremely convenient.

As I was sitting down and watching people pass by, I thought what if someone I knew walked past and they just happened to be in the same state (traveling or living)?! I had that happen when I was visiting Las Vegas (October 2011) and I bumped into this guy I was playing soccer with (when I was in WI for a few months) and he was at the Bellagio on work while I was there visiting.

I went to Pacific Place which is a shopping center and sat down to read my book for an hour, before my movie started. I was paranoid about my appearance because I kinda was scrubby looking wearing my sweats, boots, a beanie and carrying a backpack (as opposed to my purse). So I kept thinking that people were going to assume I was going to steal books when I was in Barnes & Noble (I witnessed that happen when I worked for the bookstore years ago).  I really do live in my own little world.

I stopped at Barnes & Noble, on my way to seeing a movie. I confirmed that I highly enjoy overhearing people's conversation as they pass by.
I took this picture and sent it to Char. Her and I are planning our Jamaica trip for January 2014.

I love love reading these stories.
Real Lives.

Since I didn't have much to do on my last day, I decided to see a movie and what better movie than ANYTHING with Jason Statham in it? Let's be real. He's my only Hollywood crush. A real man's man. By the way, this movie was AWESOME. Filled with fighting and action. Jennifer Lopez played a typical pretty/desperate woman which I frown upon. I'm determined to portray women as strong and independent but can be girly at the same time.

On my way leaving the movies to go to the Chocolate Factory!

 Like I said on my Day 1 post, I was eyeing these bad boys since I first walked past. I stopped in and was just in awe at how good these apples looked. I was extremely indecisive (which I'm normally not) with which apple I wanted to get. I had one of the employees helping me and I was telling him how I was flying back to Vegas in a few hours and just had to try one of these before I left. The apple was $8.95 but he told me to look down at the screen as he was ringing me up and it said, "$4.95" - he gave me a discount which was so sweet!
I ended up getting the Avalanche Caramel Apple. I will also admit that when I took my first bite, I drooled. Not my proudest moment but that's how bad I was ready to eat this apple!
AND, come to find out, there's one of these places in Vegas. HAHA and nearby where I work! So I was so excited to have this "scarce" apple from this cool place and we have one . . . we all know where I'm getting my chocolate fix!

I picked up my luggage from my hotel and headed to the train around 6pm.
The city is gorgeous all lit up at night.

 My hotel was near the 3rd and University entrance/exit for the trains.

My luggage. I travel light.

Back to the airport I go!

As I was waiting to go through security, there was a woman in front of me and a man in front of her. That man seemed to never have traveled in his life because he had so many items, on top of a huge backpack, and didn't know what to put where. He was holding up the line and instead of getting irritated by it, I merely looked away and waiting until I could put my items up. (I've learned ways to keep myself calm: GROWTH)
As I got through security, I grabbed my boots and put them on then was grabbing the rest of my items and that man happened to be beside me collecting his 25 pieces and looks at me and says, "I really like your boots" (I will say "no homo" on his behalf) therefore the slight irritation I had for him earlier, had now been lifted. Sometimes a compliment can change one's attitude rather quickly.
Then I somehow discussed going back to Vegas, with this other guy collecting his items, and he was going there too. This was our conversation:

Man: "I'm going to Vegas too. 8 days."
Me: "Use them wisely and carefully."
Man: "Oh, I'm here for work."
Me: "That's what they all say but you'd be surprised! Have a great trip!"

When I was on that ferry, I saw this restaurant called "Ivars" and it looked delicious SO when I got through security and saw this, I was going for it!

I got the Halibut and it was divine.
As I was sitting down and eating, these two guys walk past and I hear one guy say, "I really like the signage here." You don't hear that everyday so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Finding outlets at your gate is like finding gold.

I would like to share that when I was having my thoughts (which happens more often than I'd care for), I used the word "peruse" and thought "what a great word?!" 
Let's use fun words more often!

 I'm addicted to this book. Winning with People by John C. Maxwell is REAL.

Waiting patiently to board.

As I was waiting, this man stood in front of me and I really liked his shoes.
Good taste.

 I always get a window seat (unless I have a connecting flight) and as I was walking down the aisle, a couple were sitting in the row I was in so they got up for me to sit down. As I sat down, the husband sits beside me and says, "Oh, I'm glad you're small." HAHA He wasn't a big guy but he did take up my arm rest which I didn't care for but I just stayed close to the window.

He and his wife were really cute and you could tell that they've been married for years. It's nice to see older couples, that have been through life together, but I get tired just thinking about the things they've been through together. Bless them. (Not sure if I could do it. I take that back. It's not that I'm not sure if I "could" do it but I'm not sure that I want to do it)

Someone on the plane reeked of Tequila because that's all I could smell when we were flying.
How do you know when you're flying to Vegas? When the plane reeks of Tequila.

As we were taking off, those lights in the distance, were planes flying in.
Looked amazing.

I'm so grateful and thankful for the experiences that I'm able to experience.
I really do work just to travel. Traveling is expensive so I have to have a decent job and pick/choose what I do on a regular basis so that I save properly in order to take so many trips.
People always say, "You're so lucky you get to go on trips all of the time" but I always tell them that they can too. I don't spend my money on going out and drinks. I save it for my many trips.

THANK YOU, SEATTLE for being so hospitable!
I'll be back sooner than later . . . 


January 24, 2013

This morning, I woke up dancing to Rihanna . . . I love Rihanna!
"Let's sing it to the world
Baby, give me time
Ima be your girl
I wanna make you mine
And it ain't nobody's business
It ain't nobody's business
Just mine, and my baby"

Day 3 outfit

It really was the same temperature as Vegas and barely drizzled.
Perfect weather for Seattle.

Getting on a ferry to Bainbridge Island!

Got my ticket!

I asked someone how much it was to take a Ferry and found out it's only $7.70 for a roundtrip! I was determined to go on a Ferry and feel like Addison (from Grey's Anatomy) because she was always having coffee and sitting on a Ferry. I LOVED the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy but it lost it's touch after the third season (in my opinion).

Downtown Seattle

"I love Seattle, I love traveling, I love meeting people"

Bainbridge Island

Everything is so cozy looking on the Island

 This is called "That's A some pizza" and it was DELICIOUS

It was a cute little pizza place that was just perfect.
That song "Happy Together" was playing inside so all I heard was:
"Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the guy you love
And hold him tight
So happy together
If I should call you up
Invest a dime
And say you belong to me
And ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine
So happy together"

 The signage is so pretty and colorful. I love colors!

What's wrong with this picture you ask?
Well, if I'm standing and can see over the bathroom stalls (and I'm 5'4")....that's a problem. I have no idea why these stalls were so low but when I was standing and unbuckling my belt, I could see people washing their hands. It was weird. I was paranoid that they knew what I was doing but clearly we're all in the restroom for a reason. Awkward.

Such a big Forever 21!!!

Again, I didn't plan on shopping but it happened. Why is shopping so much fun in other states?! Why is shopping so much fun, period?!

 This was a hotel that I was looking to stay at (when planning my trip). Very modern. And I walked past it on my way walking to the space needle. I'm happy that I didn't pick this place because it's not in a convenient location downtown, to get around everywhere, like the hotel I did stay at was.

There was a mom and two kids walking past me and one little kid had to be about 8 or 9 years old and all you hear him say is, "Seattle is just such a cool place" in a little kid voice. I was thinking the same exact thing.

I made it to the Space Needle!

After coming up, I really wished that I would have gotten the day and night pass (which I originally always wanted to do) but I was exhausted that there was just no way I was going to come back a few hours later. That's okay, I'll just have to make another trip out

I called Jesse as I was sitting upstairs, having a coffee. And apparently I called at the right time because she was just about losing her patience in traffic. As she's talking she says, "Oh, hold on. . . wait, never mind. That's my mom and she'll only irritate me more right not. I'm not emotionally stable to talk to my mom right now." HAHA We love our moms but sometimes we just can't have that conversation.
Love you, Jess!

As I walked back to the hotel, after being gone for 7 hours, I see people upstairs in the lobby and apparently they have wine tasting in the lobby every night at 5pm. SO I went up for a glass and there was an older man and younger woman pouring the wine, I look at their name tags and noticed they are the people that I emailed and they gave me the friends/family discount! I was able to personally thank them and we talked for a good 15 minutes whilst I had a glass of Riesling. Harald told me to get paid to travel and then I could have it expensed as well. 
I told him I'm trying to find a career that will do that!!

My view from my room at night.

I came downstairs to upload my videos of "wild ones" that I did.
I clearly keep myself entertained.
(If you'd like to see them, look at my link labeled "wild ones")

I was sure to make it back to the hotel in time to watch Grey's Anatomy! Though I don't keep up with it as much as I used to, I still wanted to watch it since it takes place in Seattle.

I was thinking about things for me to do on Friday since my flight wasn't until 9:30pm AND I did everything (and more) that I wanted/intended to do. So I decided to RELAX and not be "on the go" how I typically am and read my book.