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Friday, January 6, 2017


Hello Everyone!

I'm making another website for this blog and transferring it there. 
The site will be updated along with new blogs!

Hope to see everyone there!


Monday, May 23, 2016


April 5, 2016


Janet and I woke up Tuesday morning and had breakfast then we left the house to meet up with Travis at Casa De Luz at 10:30am.

I met Travis in December of 2011 and I had moved to Vegas 1 month earlier. I was trying All People Christian Church in Southern Highlands and Travis and his family went there during that time. I remember he asked me if he could pray for me after the first service I'd been to, after he introduced himself to me. 
We've been friends ever since!

He invited us down to see the gardens they are planting in some areas so that people can grow what they need. He joked because we helped with a few things with this one and he said, "I bet you didn't think you were volunteering this morning!" but it's always great to see what God has put in Travis's path for him to do.
Great man of God.

I used to see Travis weekly back in 2012 and then life happened and I got busy with work, etc. 
I have got to stop this awful trend of life getting in the way of my friendships.
Glad we're brothers and sisters in Christ from across the Country!

We left Casa De Luz around noon and drove back into town to have Sushi with Nam.
I was DYING for Oyshi because it was always SO good when we ate there and it wasn't as good as I remember it.
I was off pondering thoughts as Janet and Nam were chatting and just thinking to myself that we (all people) have got to just remember some of our memories and that they were great back when they happened and when you try to recreate them, it's NEVER the same.

I did enjoy hanging out and catching up.
And being able to capture this photo of Nam signing with a flower pen.
And Nam is wearing the Star Wars shirt I got him for Christmas!

We then went to Janet's and had some time before GAME NIGHT at Gia's house so we decided to research cruises again.
Long story short, we booked Janet's BIRTHDAY CRUISE to the BAHAMAS! 
I told Janet that we should just do a cruise out of Miami since she's never been. So we will stay at Loews Miami ON her birthday and celebrate on South Beach then the next day, we depart for Cocoa Cay and Nassau. It's 4 days and 3 nights on Royal Caribbean.
95 days until we reunite in Miami!
Janet will be turning old....29.
(Welcome to almost being's actually pretty great so you're almost in the cool club)

We then made our way to Gia's house! 
Lori (Gia's mom and my best friend) took off of work to hang with all of us for the night!!!
(Sadly, as I'm uploading pictures, we didn't take a picture with her. UGH. I did terrible with pictures this trip!)

Marytza and her babies came to the PARTAY too!

From left to right: Nicholas, Greg, Gia, Marytza, Janet and the kiddos, Tony and Abby.
We all worked at The Cromwell together. 
Work friends are typically loyal or "real" friends but once in a while you find some that are keepers.

This picture was taken so early in the night and the night was only JUST getting started...

We played several games:

Would You Rather?
Catch Phrase
Cards Against Humanity (which is great fun to play w/ Lori! mainly because of how embarrassed Gia gets.)

Janet hates doing anything where she feels embarrassed (as most of us would do but not with friends!!!) and she apparently thought this would be better than having to do something goofy.
So she CHOSE to have to hold her tongue for a certain amount of time.

And she drooled a few times....

THIS right here, had me CRYING laughing. 
I was LAUGHING SO HARD the rest of the night after this happened.

Gia chose to have each of us apply make up on her. 

This was the end result...BEAUTIFUL.

Don't mess with no Italian Chola.

Cards Against Humanity is such an inappropriately great game.

We stayed several hours and finally left late at night just because we were so tired.
We hung out a good 6 hours and it was SO MUCH FUN.

THANK YOU Gia and Lori for feeding us and playing games with us!!!!


April 4, 2016


I woke up early on Monday morning to meet Melissa for coffee at The Cromwell. 
We laugh now because we're friends but when I first started at The Cromwell, EVERYONE confused us. They thought we were sisters. It was NOT fun when we didn't know each other like that BUT now it's all good and we definitely joke about it.

As you can see in the pic below, we have similar haircuts and features and we're both amazingly cool of course.

It was great catching up just after being gone from Vegas for 6 months. 
Same old thing in our industry. 
It's just a matter of where we'll be next for our next adventure. 
It's great having friends in the industry who understand the latter, work schedule, and inconsistencies of the industry.

Don't ask why we did a prom picture but we did and it was funny.

After I got back from meeting Melissa for coffee, we checked out of the Rio at 10am and headed to Downtown Summerlin.
We ate at this Mexican Restaurant (of course it was a Mexican restaurant) that Janet has been wanting to try.

I was not mad at all because the food was SO good!

After we ate, we headed to my friend Nathan's place to see about booking a cruise for Janet's birthday. We didn't end up booking because we wanted to gather more information. And we were meeting Nicholas at his house so we ended up leaving there to hang with Nicholas.

Jasper missed me and I missed Jasper!

We didn't even take a picture with Nicholas! We are terrible.
It was fun catching up and learning about Nicholas starting at Top Golf. 
Basically, everyone has left Cromwell. It's just not going anywhere. Should that change in time, I'm sure but life is too short to wait around forever.
We have to make things happen.

We then went to Janet's to get ready to meet up with Margaret and Nathan.
Again, we didn't take pictures ! What the heck!

We ended up just going to Margaret's house (which I'm always up for hanging at anyone's house rather than going out) and we caught up and talked.

It was soon good see them again. I remember Margaret making conversation with me at Verve before we really hung out and could say we were friends. She's always been so sweet. We used to go indoor rock climbing once a week before life got busy and our schedules didn't match up anymore.
We have great memories.
I also went on our missions trip to Poland with Margaret and Nathan back in 2013. 

Janet and I left after catching up for a couple of hours and we were asleep by 9:30pm.
We had some full days in just the 3 days I'd been in town.

SO SO good catching up with so many beautiful faces !