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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guess Who's Baaaaaaack ??!

I bought a desk . . .

Apparently all I needed was to buy a desk and organize myself a tad bit.
I feel brand new.
This desk . . . I cannot wait for the time I get to spend sharing my thoughts.

My outlet . . .

You'll either love or hate what I have to say.
But . . . I promise that you'll laugh your ass off . . .

Live. Life. Out. Loud.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


June 27, 2014

I woke up 100% better. 
I had my alarm set for 7am so that I could have breakfast with Victoria at 8am. Since I fell asleep at 8pm the night prior, waking up at 7am was a piece of cake.

The renaissance hotel is extremely nice. I lived in Orlando for 3 years and never stayed anywhere except for Loews properties and I really enjoyed this hotel.


Our highly inappropriate conversation at 815am was unforgettable. But it's between Victoria and I so if anyone is reading this, if you remember to ask then I'll tell !
It was great catching. It had been about two years since I'd last seen Victoria. It's always nice to meet up with friends :)

We (all of the bridal party) had to meet in the lobby at 9:30am for our spa appointments at 10am. 
This was my hair post my massage . . . 

All the ladies and the bride to be in the middle!!
It was great seeing the couple of people that I knew already and meeting the new ladies from the Boykin side of the family. Now we have more family, I love it!

We shared two glasses of mimosas :) Since we asked for another, haha

I LOVE LOVE the rain and was happy when it rained everyday. We very rarely get rain in Vegas and when we do, it's just not fun. The roads flood and NO ONE knows how to drive. It's only enjoyable if I happen to be home on my day off and it starts to rain which has not happened yet for me.

Best Friend selfie before we head downstairs for the rehearsal!

Emma (Jordan's gf) and I

We all went to the bar before heading to dinner. Shots!

The usual look Jesse gives me, ahah

All the ladies!


After our very fun wedding rehearsal, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. 
The bride and groom to be admiring their pretty cake.

Control yourself, Jess. 

Jordan and Emma

I don't even know where these shots came from but we sure did have some!

He thinks he's grown now that he's 21 . . .

We both thought we were grown until we took a shot of patron . . .

Jordan and his mama

The cute couple

You already know!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to sit around a little and socialize before ending the night before the big day!!

Jordan is never too big to sit on his mama's lap

Their last time seeing each other before their wedding day


Lawren and I found out that the pool didn't close until midnight soooo we headed to the pool. Jesse went to relax before her big day. And the other girls left and were coming back the following morning.

Nothin like a late night swim. 
So relaxing and nice since in Vegas, pools close at 6pm.
I have an apartment pool but I never go to it. Go figure.

Jordan and Emma were out getting him shoes and he stopped at the Colombian Burger place to bring me back one then I turned on the TV and friends was on!
My night was complete. 
A fun filled day with family/friends, a colombian burger and friends.

We (myself, Lawren, Jordan and Emma) decided to plan to head to the pool in the morning before we had to start getting ready . . . let's find out if that happened.

The festivities pre wedding were a success!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


June 26, 2014

Finally landing in Fort Lauderdale . . . 4 hours late.

The beginning of my drive from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, FL.

Does everyone like how I put in Loews Royal Pacific Resort to drive to since that's the only Orlando address in my phone :)
Love/Hate memories with that place but mostly love.

Finally made it to Orlando International Airport to drop off the rental.

Jesse was able to get me into the hotel Thursday night (I had reservations for Fri/Sat night) and thank sweet Jesus that she did. It really was the longest day/week.

My awesome view of Sea World.

Incredibly spacious room!

I loved the bathtub mascot of Shamu.

My shoes for the wedding and the hat I planned on wearing at part of the reception but my hair was kinda big to do that so I ended up not wearing it until the morning after.

I miss the rain SO MUCH. It rains about twice a year in Vegas and when it does, it floods. Therefore it's not safe to be on the road at all, especially because people just don't know how to drive in the rain since it rarely rains in Vegas.

It was like sweet heaven having the room to myself.
I wish that I could stay in a different hotel room every week.
Now that would be the best job ever.

Jesse dropped me off at the hotel around 4 or 5pm. We originally had plans to hang together before everyone came in but since I didn't get there until 4pm as opposed to 9am, that all went out the window. I fell asleep around 8pm on Thursday night and I really really needed my rest so it worked out.

It definitely could have been worse but I wouldn't want that to happen again.