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Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Anyone can be selfish. It's extremely easy to be selfish. The challenge is allowing yourself to open up and give a little in order to get a little. When you give just a little, you'll see how easy it becomes especially when the other person does the same. We choose to take a chance on someone. OR we choose not to. I'd rather have tried and gave it my all than not and wonder about "what if". Life is too short for that. But some might say that life is too short to go around doing that and constantly being hurt. It's inevitable. I think we hurt if we try and I think we hurt if we don't. It just feels different but really is the same. 

Loews Miami - Day 3 - 9/23/10

Our last day together in Miami :(
Thea G took a boat tour to see celebrity houses then ended up at Bayside Mall (where I met her later). While she was taking the tour, I stayed at Loews and had coffee, read the paper, did my crossword, read my book - RELAXED...the most ideal morning. It was gloomy all morning and started pouring around 10:30 so I stayed in but it was a great day.
I met Thea G at the mall around 2 and then took her to the airport at 4:30. We hit traffic so I didn't get on my way until 6:30 and home at 9:30 I think.

Miami was fab but I'm good not visiting for another year....unless someone else wants to drive. That drive is annoying.

Wonderful trip and glad I was able to spend it w/ my Thea/Godmother - LOVE YOU