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Monday, August 1, 2011

Adapt or Die

I've come to terms that we meet people and leave people often in life. Just hang on to the memories...

This is a signed picture frame from the entire front desk and then some. I came home from a very long day at work and saw this large cardboard package and was simply in awe once I opened it. I'm so blessed, words can't explain the gratitude I feel.

My new obsession - crosswords! (Though I will admit that I'm far better at Sudoku than the crosswords BUT I will not give up!) I like to do these on my break and at night before I fall asleep. Relaxing.

Spending every other weekend with my niece is absolutely priceless. Yes, I feel overwhelmed at times though she's probably the best kid ever BUT I love every minute. Feels so good when I hear "Auntie T T!" - too cute (this is us across the street from my place in Madison, at the park)

My two most popular stress relievers: Shooting around and playing soccer, normally before I go for a long jog. I don't love the jogging part but I've found out that I can run longer (and don't mind it) once I've warmed up with one of these activities. (PS - I start my outdoor coed soccer league Aug 24th...SO excited)

 My favorite thing about this hoop...listening to the ball swish through the chain net :)

I would never own a sports car like the one below simply because they are so uncomfortable and annoying to have to get in and out of BUT I must say that I LOVE hearing the engine and driving it around work every once in a while.

Lastly...I've created yet another Kristina cave for my room. I was waking up at 8am (before I even started working) because the sun would shine in my room through the blinds! I had it, so I thumb tacked my black out curtains up love love it

Home is most certainly wherever you choose to be. And the same with happiness...we choose to be happy or not. People make life worth living. Friends make life that much easier to get through. We should always learn through each and every experience in life. Don't be afraid to take a risk every once in a while. Even IF it doesn't go the way "as planned" it's OKAY, you live, learn and LIFE GOES ON whether you want it to or not SO you might as well go with it!

Too intense even for me at this hour.

New York will be September 15 - 18...see you then