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Sunday, October 23, 2011

VEGAS - Day 4 - October 20, 2011

Anthony and Lindsey had to work early until 3pm so Gia and I had the morning to lay around A LOT...and MUCH NEEDED. Anthony left for work around 5am...NO IDEA how he does that. Then Lindsey left a little before 8am and I found Gia in my bed! hahaa

She got comfy and we relaxed in bed until 10

Then moved our laying around to the couch...

More laying...

She was having some dreams because all of a sudden she started making some crazy noises haha Perhaps she was dreaming someone was going to disturb her napping time.

We even moved nap time to outside

See :)

I was able to just lounge, update all my stuff and talked to some friends. 

We went to the desert to shoot Anthony's gun! I was SO excited because I've been wanting to go to a gun range for years! 

I was more excited than scared and once I shot the gun, it was just too much fun! It's really hard to actually hit the targets though because where you not where the bullet goes.

It was Lindsey's first time shooting too...

She shot the gun once and turned around with her hands up yelling, "Oh no!" - she didn't like it too much haha

We stopped at the M hotel and Anthony placed bets on football then we stopped to eat. It was really nice catching up with them since I hadn't seen Lindsey since High School and Anthony since 2006. I've been fortunate enough to travel a lot and thinking about where I'd like to move to next for work. The conclusion is Vegas. SO I'll start applying to hotels in March and be out there shortly after. 

Later that night, we all hung out watching "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" then we realized we were all playing words with friends...with each other WHILST sitting beside each other on the couch. That was pretty funny. We went to sleep shortly after since we all had to be up early.

I woke up at 4:45am so we could leave the house by 5am. My flight was at 7am.

I was getting stared at in the airport and wasn't sure why so I took a picture in the nearest mirror. I can see now that perhaps I just look so cool, people had to stare. 
I like to sport lounge clothes when traveling thanks.

I travel light. My bag and coffee.

It was fun VEGAS and I'll be back sooner than planned...

VEGAS - Day 3 - October 19, 2011

We all slept in or at least I did! The guys didn't get back until 6am so we all woke up at 11am. 
This was Bill attempting to ask for a late check out...haha NO!

I just got done playing blackjack for 2 hours at a $10 table and I came there with $100...left the table at $210. That was my first time playing alone and really learning the strategy so I was more than satisfied with my winnings.

This was my favorite...lots and lots of books

The Cosmo had this "human conversation" all along the side of one of the walls...pretty cool

Pete, Bill and I ate at the breakfast buffet at the Bellagio and then my friend Anthony came to pick me up at 4:30pm. Bill and Pete went to the pool until they had to fly to Arizona at 8pm. Anthony and Lindsey (my friends from high school) live about 15 minutes away from the strip. They moved to Nevada 2 years ago and recently just purchased a home which is beautiful. The homes in Vegas are very nice and open inside. Their structure is really welcoming. 
Now that you know about everyone's life story, I'll continue with my next post haha

VEGAS - Day 2 - October 18, 2011

We get a wake up call at 7:30am since Bill had to be at his work thing by 8:30.
Attempting to wake him up was an adventure in itself...

He would NOT get out of bed and it was now 8am.

8:15...AND when I pulled the covers off he says, "2 minutes. Close the door. Close the blanket"

Our view during the day

This is what happens when you aren't paying attention. I make my stank face and take pictures.

4 hours of sleep. I'm tired.

Don't mind if I do have some hummus and fruit

Bill and I can't seem to take normal pictures...sibling love

Thank God for Quicksilver and finding these shoes that fit with my big toe

Just ate at the Seafood Buffet at the Rio and heading to see the Jabbawackeez at the Monte Carlo

The Ice Bar mascot we saw as soon as we got out of the show

Me: "OMG! Go pose with the penguins you guys!"

The Monte Carlo

We stopped outside the Bellagio to watch the water show

So beautiful inside the Bellagio

Money Money Moneeeeey

Bill was imitating this guy in front of us that was walking like he had something up his ass

Action shot of Bill about to jump on Pete's back

Can you say Best Friends? 

I had a fun time telling the guys to pose and do whatever and they listened

Me: "Bill! Go pose like you're in the mural!!"

This was our last night at the Cosmo since we had to check out Wednesday.