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Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 weeks before I have to say goodbye to Orlando:/

Leaving is always the hardest.
My last day at RPR is the week of June 15th.
My going away party is June 20th.
I fly out to Milwaukee, WI on June 24th...
and I don't come back :(

My room yesterday:

My room today:

My current (most comfortable location):

I still have tons of clothes that I have to ship to WI since not even half of my clothes will fit in 5 suitcases. I'm absolutely drained after moving all my stuff back to mom's house in Tampa but THANKS to my friend, Nick, we got it ALL done. I wish I could go out to watch Game 2 but I'm just exhausted. SO I'm currently watching 30 rock and waiting for the game to start in an hour or so. 

I'll update more as my departure gets closer.

My 3 year anniversary at RPR:
I'm so sad to leave RPR - I have the best memories from here. My first hotel and management experience.