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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'll be turning 25 in Costa Rica!!

COSTA RICA bound :)

I fly into Costa Rica on Jan 18th, 2011 and back to Orlando on Jan 24th, 2011. I turn 25 on Jan 23rd so I'll be celebrating Costa Rica style with my best friend (Karen) and I can't wait!!

Karen will be taking a bus from Nicaragua to Liberia, Costa Rica and meeting me there. We are too excited! My one thing that I simply HAVE to do while I'm there is Zip Lining. I was looking up vidoes on youtube and it just looks like too much fun!!

This is what I'll get to do in just 2 months!!

More to come closer to my departure...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Afterparty

And the drinks begin..

You're so silly, Justin

Glamorous men

Groom and Maid of Honor

I'm telling you, all about these mini photo shoots. (Funny story, Peter poured Champagne, we hit a bump 30 seconds later and half my glass was on my dress. I stood up in front of the air vent since we were on our way to take pictures. It dried in time for the pics but it was still there when I returned to took 2 trips to the dry cleaners but IT'S CLEAN!)

Picture time - leaving the church - on the way to the reception

Oh, we had fun w/ these pics..

It just keeps getting better...


Lookin' for trouble


Aw - their first dance :)

Theo Peter

Thea Gina (and Godmother)

Thea G, Elaine, baby Zacharias and Theo Peter

Cousin George (from Chicago) and thea G

Kisses for my big bro

Most of the fam

I got to see Char for the first time in 2 years!

2 of my favorite men - Chris Sheff and Matt Seamon

My BEAUTIFUL flowers

How I ended the evening, helping clean

Love you, Peg - you couldn't have had a more relaxed and beautiful wedding. You're beautiful in every way. Love you

Saturday, July 24, 2010


At Thea Bessie's house, we MUST make our beds otherwise we are dead. Seriously. It's not a joke. And you can see I lack my housekeeping skills in making the sheets/comforter tight. Practice, Practice, Practice!

FYI - so Peg and I are in the back w/ Thea Bessie figuring out how everything will look and where things will go on the patio. Here's a great conversation I got to witness:
Thea Bess: "Peg, sweep the bird poop off the patio"
Peggy: "So you're saying that a bird is not going to poop on the patio again from now (8am) until 5pm?"
Thea Bessie: "Just do it"
Peggy: (As she still contemplates what she was told to do) "Do you notice things like that when you go to other people's yards? Is that why you want it done?"
Thea Bessie: "I don't go to other people's yards."
*The conversation went nowhere but was great to listen to*

Just the girls! Heading to get our hair and make up done WHILST jammin' out to "Let's Get Married!"

Make up...CHECK! Hair...CHECK!

Driving as quick as we can back to the house since the photographer was there...waiting!

A little snack before heading to the church....YUM

The bride and her parents (George and Bessie)


Peg thinking, "MY day is finally here..."

I, on the other hand, was having a mini photo shoot on my side of the limo :-)

Last minute touch ups before we head into the church

Thea Bessie and Theo George on their way to watch their youngest get married

I'm telling you, I was having a blast

The Groom and the Bestman

From left to right: Jordan (an Usher), Justin (the Groom), Peter (the Bestman), Joe (an Usher)

Just arrived to St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church

Last classic one-armed pic before my cousin walks down the aisle!


Dad walking his baby down the aisle

Oh this hour long ceremony..

Great memories

Doin' my job as the Maid of Honor

Listening to Father Ted give marriage advice and then just talk ridiculous

Maid of Honor and the Bestman

CONGRATS! Yia Yia got up close to bless the newlyweds

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Ahlborn!

Justin was in love w/ this champagne case



Peter and I continuing my photo shoot I started on the way to the wedding