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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Let me just put this out there.
I HATE, actually despise, grocery shopping.

It irritates me to just think that I need to stop at the grocery store to pick anything up.

Going to the grocery store is like going to the DMV to me.

Then, as I'm shopping, I choose what I buy by how fast I can open it. For example, I won't buy frozen vegetables because that'll take longer than canned vegetables but canned vegetables WITH the clip on the top to open quickly. If I have to open it with a can opener, I'm not buying it.

I won't buy any fruit because I've never liked fruit and I don't like my food making me eat it in a certain time frame or else it goes bad and I just have to throw it out. Same reason why I won't buy lettuce.

I come from a Greek family and EVERYONE cooks...but me. Don't even try to ask me why because I have no idea! I grew up with family in the restaurant business and had home cooked meals everyday by my mom. My cousins that are my age and even my brother all cook. I'm the first one to clean up and make sure all dishes are done and I actually like to do that but cooking? NO WAY.

For the holidays, when everyone is in the kitchen and it's all hot in there, I just need to escape. The only thing that saves me is me telling everyone that I'll do all the dishes. I don't want any part in preparing or setting the table. 

Another fun food fact about me....I don't like to share my food. When my brother would come home and I was in the middle of eating and he'd take a piece of something from my plate, it would be like world war 3 in the house. And the way I was raised was VERY giving and all about sharing but I just don't like to do it with food. I'll buy someone food before I share mine. (Clearly, God needs to work on me in the sharing department, haha)

If I'm eating something and someone asks "Can I have some?", I obviously share but inside I'm thinking, "IF I wanted to share, I would have offered some to you". I actually think it's really rude to ask someone that's eating something (whatever it may be from french fries to M&M's..etc) if you can have some.

And don't even ask me what I ate or where I ate it at because I'm someone that just eats to not feel hungry anymore. I don't know what I ate 2 hours ago let alone specifics.

What made me type this blog you ask? I just got home from the grocery store AND I figured some people might get a kick out of it.

And don't even think that I'm crazy after reading all this because I'm sure that y'all got some crazy stuff too so calm down!

Monday, January 30, 2012


As a result of receiving God's sacrifice, Jesus Christ, as the payment for our sins, we not only experience forgiveness from the past, but we are given a new heart and a new life as God's children.

1. What did God promise he would give his people? Ezekial 36:26 -- A new heart (and a new spirit)

2. What does God do when he rescues us from our state of spiritual death? Ephesians 2:4-6 -- Seats us in heaven with Jesus

3. What happens when we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior? John 1:12-13 -- We are reborn through God

4. What did Jesus say must happen before we can enter the kingdom of God? John 3:3-7 -- Born again (born of the spirit)

5. What do the following passages tell you about being "born again" or "born of God"?
    John 1:12-12 -- We have the right to become children of God
    1 Peter 1:23 -- New life will last forever
    1 John 3:9 -- Can't keep sinning (we feel conviction)
    1 John 4:7 -- Love one another

6. What does Paul say about those who are "in Christ"? 2 Corinthians 5:17 -- New person --> New life

7. What is the destiny of those who are "born of God"? 1 John 5:4 -- Defeat the world through faith

(The Purple Book by Rice Broocks and Steve Murrell - Chapter 1 - Lesson 4 - P.18)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I wake up this morning and decide to watch some youtube videos I've uploaded to my channel and this was the first one:

This video makes me smile out loud just because when Jesse, Jordan and I all lived together, this is what occurred when everyone got home. I was actually working overnights a lot so I'd be waking up around 6 or 7pm and Jesse and Jordan would be getting home so this is what we did.
PS - Jordan tries to act all hard...but he's not (I LOVE YOU, Jonan!)

We lived altogether for a year in Pine Hills, Florida. So many adventures there! From the surprise cockroaches to the dead animals that the cats would leave on our front doorstep to our mailbox being continuously hit where it was bent over (we still don't know who did that!)....oh the memories !

Jordan, attempting to do homework whilst watching the game and/or singing to himself

I met Jesse back in 2008 at Northwest Community Church. The way we met is pretty epic. We were on a women's encounter together and on our first night, we were all given pink head sweatbands which we would use the following morning and pastor Crystal was going to explain. Jesse and I decide to wear them early and as we were all heading to our cots to sleep, Jesse starts rapping LL Cool J's song "I need love" as I'm dancing to it and one of the leaders, Pam, yells at us that it's quiet time.

Little did we know that was the making of a brand new friendship.

And little did the rest of the world know that when Jesse and Kristina are together, it's never quiet time.

We were waiting in line to get into the Lecrae concert - SUCH a good concert (2011)

Even though Jesse lives in Lakeland, FL, Jordan lives in Gainesville, FL (first year of college) and I live in Las Vegas, NV... we still find a way to love each other. Thank God for people and love.

Thank you for being a part of my life. 
I can't imagine future memories to come without either one of you.
I love you, Jesse.
I love you, Jordan.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ATL - Day 3

January 22, 2012

Leaving our room at 7am...SO EARLY

We woke up at 6am so we could leave Atlanta by 7am. We head downstairs to get some starbucks and kept the cashier quite entertained at 7:15am. Jesse is ordering her coffee while I'm looking at items and singing, "This is how we do it."

We get the car out of valet and I don't even know how we started a conversation about child support but we did. The two male valet men don't agree with how much crazy money the women of famous men get paid millions per month for child support. I had zero interest in the conversation though I did add that if he cheats, she deserves it all. Jesse was debating back and forth about it and let's just say we left winning the argument and free parking the next time we're in ATL.
When he told us about the free valet, we both looked and each other and said "we'll be back next weekend" ahaha

As we just hit the road to head to Orlando, Jesse asks "Did you check in?" and I look at her and ask, "On facebook?" when I knew she meant my airline. She gave me the best look. That is actually one of the reasons I'm getting rid of facebook because I constantly am checking it and need to be focused on everything else but updating my status.

Pumping gas in Ocala!

We made it to Ocala y'all! Felt good being in the sunshine state though I was only there for less than 5 hours.

Jesus is everywhere :) Much love

We stopped for some columbian burgers. I've been craving one for months now and I finally got my fix.

This picture had to stay up just because of Jesse's awesome face

Garlic sauce and the green hot sauce are THE BEST!

Such fond memories here after 2am

They even painted!

We headed to World of Beer for some Framboise and to enjoy the atmosphere. Victoria, Craig and Elyssa stopped by so that was fun seeing more familiar faces.

My experience flying out of Orlando was by far an interesting one. I get to the airport around 6pm and my flight is at 8pm. I have a boot on my foot and I go through the metal detector (just as I did in Vegas) but it beeps SO the security guy tells me I'll have to have a "pat down" and get my boot x-rayed. So he calls a woman over to do it and she explains the process then asks me if I'd like to go in a room or stay out where I was, in the middle of security, for the pat down. Um, I'd rather get felt up by a woman in front of witnesses than a private room, thanks. So I'm literally just standing there with my arms up looking at everyone look at me whilst I'm being "patted down" - thanks for the memories Orlando security. THEN I have to go to this room so they can take 5 x-rays of my boot. 15 minutes later, I'm finally allowed to go to my gate.

As I'm about to board and have my ticket scanned, this lady in front of me asks or actually states to the employee about to scan her ticket (handsome black man) and says, "Is this plane going to be waiting in ATL on the plane for an hour because the flight that's in ATL now has been sitting on the runway with all passengers on for an hour just waiting" - he looks at her like "crazy white woman" and says, "ma'am, I have no idea". I walk up to get my ticket scanned and look at him with a hilarious smirk because of how ridiculous she was being.

THEN as we're boarding the plane, she holds up the line to say the exact same thing to this flight attendant (a gay black man - I only say what ethnicity he is because it makes the story that much better when I go on) and he has the same look of "are you serious right now?" on his face and he starts saying, "Well let's not be negative nancy and let's be more of a positive Paula" (again, his ethnicity and all makes that statement that much better) and she is still running her mouth and not walking about AS we're trying to board the plane but he just talks over her so she finally keeps walking down the isle to be seated. I turn around to look at him and the rest of the passengers waiting behind me, "I'm not sitting next to her" and everyone laughs as we all take our seats.

So our flight boarded on time but we had to wait 15 minutes extra on the runway because of the bad weather in Atlanta. We arrive in Atlanta around 9:45pm and I don't get off the plane until 10:10pm and my connecting flight to Vegas was boarding at 10:05pm. 
Anyways, I get off the plane and the employee tells me I'm at C22 but my plane probably already left since it was leaving on time. I choose to ignore that and hobble myself through this large airport to gate C22. Everyone around me is running and I can't because of my boot but I definitely felt like I was in Home Alone 2 when everyone is racing to their gate. Everyone on my flight had a connecting flight. 
I finally get to my gate and see it's completely empty but the lady is behind the counter and sees me and tells me to "come on" so I hand her my ticket and board my plane! I was literally....the very last person to board. I get on the plane and every single seat is full and of course my seat is in the very back and a window seat. 
I was SO thankful they waited. The captain knew flights were behind due to weather so they waited.
As I say "excuse me" to the nice couple that had to get out of their seats to let me in, I hand him my purse and am all "can you hold this please" so I could put my bag in the overhead bin. I don't know him but he was nice. HAHA
Oh, and of course the couples in front of me and beside me are staying at the Palms resort. They were from Charlotte and we actually talked quite a bit about traveling, etc. I always get into traveling conversations with people. They also gave me advice to not get married because that's forever...haha - I've been keeping that advice in my memory bank thanks. 

Flying out of Orlando

 This is my new home and when I saw this sign, I simply exhaled and was so happy to be home...

The trip was more than I could have asked for. Jesse and I laughed SO much which we always do regardless but what an awesome trip. It's such a blessing to have good people in my life.

Next trip will be in April to Nicaragua!

Monday, January 23, 2012

ATL - Day 2

January 21, 2012

I already knew that Jesse was going to wake up me early so we could get massages but I still wasn't happy. And she finds it highly amusing to take morning time pictures of me. This picture explains why I MUST take showers in the morning (as opposed to at night before bed like I used to with long hair) because there is NO taming this hair other than a shower. She wakes me up at 8am, I think and we can hear it storming!


So I just stood by the window, staring outside


HAHA - it looks like she was gonna scratch her butt but she was actually reaching up to block me from taking the picture! HAHAA....NO!
She was calling around for massages and we finally got appointments for 11am and back to back so she'd go first then I'd go at noon. We went to the Exhale Spa located on the 7th floor inside the hotel. As she was speaking to Concierge, Jesse informs the woman that we want to get massages off property since they didn't have appointments available early enough in the hotel and the lady responds with "It's raining out" and Jesse says, "We love the, we're not from Seattle but we would probably do well there." And Jesse was always the one calling or getting stuff so everyone called her "Ms. Katris" and we never corrected anyone and laughed every time.

Jesse gets off the phone and we decide to go downstairs to eat. Jesse says "Eleven serves breakfast" but it was 9am and I was like "well, what do we eat now?!" and I forgot that the Restaurant downstairs is called " Eleven" - stupid morning time. 

So there is a large number of gay people in ATL, which is fine, but we were discussing that knowing us, our therapist will probably be a gay man. Our massage therapist that is. We also decided if we saw actual therapists, they would probably be gay too.

I've been addicted to eggs benedict ever since having them at the Don Cesar Resort in St.Petersburg, Florida BUT they are never as good as that resort.

We went back to the room to lay around for an hour and we were watching basketball. One of our many conversations went like this:

Kristina: I want to have a tall basketball man
Jesse: Not because you love him, just to have tall babies
Kristina: Yea
Jesse: Thought so

Another conversation:
(Jesse looks at me and says) Jesse: I'm not sure if this is any different but I don't wear undergarments at my spa
Kristina: I don't either
(30 second pause)
We both look at each other and just as she was about to talk, I say:
Kristina: You realize you just said "undergarments" - I didn't even know that was in your vocabulary
Jesse: I was just gonna say that!

Fast forward to 11am and noon. I was in the waiting room to get called for my massage and Jesse walks out and sees me. She calls me over, before I go in for my massage and tells me it's SO great and I'll never have a massage like this again.
Jesse: Kristina, there was a point where my knee was touching my ear

So she goes back up to the room and I go in for my massage. I was laying face down first then I flipped and he let's me know that he'll be taking my leg out but just leave it limp and that the sheet goes with as my leg goes. And as my leg is basically touching my shoulder, all I can think is Jesse telling me "there was a point when my knee was touching me ear" and it took everything in me NOT to smile or laugh since I knew he could see my face now. I just told myself to be the actress that I am and remain limp.

I get back to the room around 1:30pm and we got ready for shopping at Atlantic Station. We first made a stop in the market in the hotel and had some fun.

I saw this card and yell, "Jesse! That was us in our massage today!" and we both just laugh...we do A LOT of laughing.

We get the car from Valet and the valet lady asks, "Who happened to you? Somebody kick you?" and before I can reply, Jesse says, "No, she kicked them" and the valet lady says, "Thas what I'm talkin' bout girl. Whoop. That. Ass."
We don't have a clue how people know to talk to us like that and it's inevitable every single place we go. We laughed hard.

On our way to Atlantic Station - Downtown Atlanta is just beautiful

 We were at Banana Republic and I put these glasses on and ask Jesse if they were crooked.

 2 things:
I love purple and I cannot go shopping without taking pictures of myself when I come across these big mirrors

We stopped at DSW and all I did was this

After shopping and eating, we stop back at the hotel for an hour since the show didn't start until 7pm and it was 5:30pm. I took an hour nap. Then we got ready and left the hotel around 6:15pm.

Love that - Destination IS born

We find a great parking spot then we walk into the theatre and I look to my left and instantly saw the merchandise and this shirt SO we each bought one.

We bout to see Anjelah live! During the show, Anjelah Johnson was saying how she recently got married but they don't want kids so when she's walking down the street and sees a pregnant lady, she crosses the street or completely avoids being near her so she doesn't "catch being pregnant" and we died laughing because that's just how I am!!

As we're about to leave the theatre, Jesse says, "Kristina! Look! 26!" (we didn't see the number when we initially parked) and I look at her and say, "Um, that's not my birthday" and she says, "But that's how old you're turning!"
HAHA  we had some more laughs

We were driving back to the hotel and Jesse says, "We have to leave by 7am so you wanna get up at 6am? Wait. Let me rephrase that. We have to leave by 7am so you're getting up at 6am"
Kristina: "Yes ma'am"

And for those of you who don't know who Anjelah Johnson is, enjoy the 2 clips below:

Meet Bon Qui Qui

This mirror situation is a problem. I know, I recognize it but it will continue to happen. 

We both put our shirts on to take mini photo shoots

Jesse was lookin' ghetto fabulous with her hair and face

This was Jesse yelling at me to get down

Day 2 in Atlanta.....yet another success!

ATL - Day 1

January 20, 2012

I had a 7am flight out of Vegas so I had to be at the airport close to 6am. I checked in online and already had my boarding pass printed so all I had to do was security. Security was fine, I went through the scanner then they tested my palms and my boot and that was it. (My experience flying from Orlando back to Vegas was another story which you can later read in ATL - Day 3) 

Jesse and I have the best conversations via texting. See visual below.

I, of course, take a picture in the tall mirror I found in the bathroom. Weird, right? Um, no it's not. Maybe they should think about the people who don't need to use the restroom and simply want to take pictures in front of the mirror, like Kristina!

I sat down, waiting to board and these 4 men were by me as well. My boot is always a conversation starter so they asked me what happened and then we all became best friends from there. They travel all over building/setting up stages/studios at venus or hotels. They were flying back to Burbank, CA. 

I get on the plane and the captain asks, "So who big money?!" and all you hear is silence. Then he proceeds to say that it's like the church and we're to give 10% of our winnings and I died laughing!

It takes 4 hours to fly from Vegas to ATL but we arrived 30 min early so I got in at 1:30pm. I took a cab to Loews Atlanta Hotel and his name was "Achugbu Ifeanyichukwu"- I am not even kidding when I say that I don't even know where to begin to attempt to pronounce this. Cab ride from $35 - just an FYI for the other travelers out there. 

View of Loews Atlanta from a distance - I flew into a gloomy/rainy day which are MY FAVORITE.

Our room view - I love watching life

Since I didn't fall asleep until 2am on Thursday night (and had to be up at 445am on Friday), I needed a nap as soon as I got in ATL. Jesse was driving from Orlando so she wasn't going to be in until 7pm so I napped for a couple hours. Honestly, if I could afford to fly to other cities and stay in nice hotels and not even leave the room, I would. That's how much I love hotels...and all of the down feathered blankets/pillows. 
I also was looking at where to eat before my nap and came across this bar called "The Vortex" and thought to myself, "I don't know what The Vortex is or has but I wanna go just because it's called The Vortex" - it's the little things in life. We did not visit there (not enough time) so next time!

 Lobby - fancy 

 We were staying on the 23rd floor and my birthday is January 23rd! Our room was 2334. Only thing I didn't love about staying this high was that our ears popped every time we came or went from the room.

 We walked to a place to eat before our movie at 9:50pm. This view was SO gorgeous. 

We walked up the block to Taco Mac. SUCH amazing queso! Funny story: Jesse and I are about to be seated but we're looking at all of the TVs to see if we can see the Chicago game. As we're doing this, this host named "Theo" pops up out of nowhere and is standing right beside Jesse and says, "Any game, anything thing you want, I'll make happen." We were just taken aback because he came out of nowhere and was SO eager to help. So we sit down, order and the manager comes out saying that the game isn't being aired so we're bummed. Theo happens to stop by after that and asks how things are. Jesse makes a comment that we can't watch the game and Theo must have gotten angry and literally grabs his junk right in front of us (in anger or frustration or something) and I choose to ignore it though I can see Jesse turn and look at me and want to laugh but she holds it in. So Theo leaves to figure things out and Jesse and I both start laughing SO hard.
Ah, great times in Atlanta.

 We then decided to walk to the movie theatre since it didn't seem very far. 15 minute walk about. It wasn't a bad walk but we were going down all these dark side streets as it's drizzling so probably not one of our greatest ideas. Just as we left Taco Mac, we walked past this club called "Au" and start talking to the bouncer man and every time he tried explaining which direction we should go in for the movie theatre, someone would walk in or out of the club so we'd hear the music and "Teach me how to dougie" was on so Jesse and I kept breaking out in dance. This man grew very impatient with us.

Anyways, we decide to stop and take some pictures on these steps because it was so pretty.

Me: Let me do a gangster pose. Wait! Jess, what's a gangster pose?!" 

We continued walking, just after the picture taking, then these cops were driving down the street we were walking and Jesse was convinced we were going to get in trouble for the picture taking on someone's house. That didn't happen.

We made it in time for our movie. Everyone! Go see "Young Adult" - it is HILARIOUS. Just before the movie begins, some woman that works there stands in front of the theatre to do "announcements" about refreshments, etc. Never in my life has there once been an "announcer" at the movie theatre until now. So the movie starts and the first 10 minutes of it...was pretty much me in the morning time and Jesse and I could NOT stop laughing. We were crying we were laughing so hard.
Go see it!

It was a very classy theatre with bottles of wine left behind

So we get out of the theatre around midnight and we need to find a cab. (This makes us miss New York because we never had to look for a cab, they were always just there) This cab van pulls up and just as we're going to ask the cab driver, this girl jumps out and yells "This is my cab!" and she walks inside somewhere. She was apparently going to be dropped off somewhere but making a stop first but the cab driver told us to get it, that he'd take her first then us. So we get in the back and she comes back and is all "you want to come to the party?!" and we're like "no thanks" and then she's all "so we're splitting the fare" and we're like "no, you're getting dropped off then we are" and was back on her rant of "THIS IS MY CAB!" hahah She was clearly drunk. She was all, "this isn't the Martha" and I'm like "I don't even know who Martha is!" - later I found out that "Martha" is the ATL public transportation system...HAHA

Love the bathrooms here so I can watch "The Princess Diaries" whilst showering.

I miss Keurig coffee!!

Jesse was looking at which massages we were going to get the following morning

Successful first day in ATL!