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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


July 30, 2013

Since I didn't get to sleep in on Monday morning, I definitely wanted to sleep in on the day I was flying back to Vegas. I most certainly was one of those annoying guests that did not call down for a late check out and got a phone call in the room at 12:30pm telling me check out was at 11am. I was out of the room by 1pm, haha. 

This is the way I drink anything with a straw.

Feeling scandalous on the bus with my wine cup.

I LOVE Otters! Look who was outside!

Where I had lunch, fun name.


I am totally one of those people that orders a meal and appetizer and THINKS I can eat all of it. I ate one piece of my fish, barely touched my fries and like five pieces of calamari. I took a to go box though because I love leftovers and figured I'd eat it later.

The beginning of riding to the Golden Gate Bridge and then over it.

It was so cold that my ears were starting to hurt. I had to put my hood up.

Riding a bike and taking a "selfie" is by far one of the most dangerous things to do. That is, aside from sneezing and driving. Now, that's the most dangerous.

This reminded me of Las Vegas because when you're walking on the strip, all of the hotels seem close by but as you keep walking, you realize everything is SO far away. The bridge didn't look that far away but it sure was.

Almost there . . .

Again . . . almost there


Boom. Shake.

 Another "selfie" all up on the Golden Gate Bridge!

This was a small town called "Sausalito" and it's the first ferry stop once you're over the bridge. Very cute town but so very touristy. Definitely not a place to live.

The ferry line, to take back, was ridiculously long so I took a bus back but in the mean time, ate my leftovers! I was SO hungry from all of the biking.

I sure did buy this shirt . . . AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

Liked how the trees looked.

We have a "Trader Joe's" by our house in Vegas but I've never been before. (Grocery shopping is just as fun as going to the DMV for me) My roommate once asked me if I've been there before and I said, "Is that a fishing store" because it just sounds like it to me. We had a laugh so now we always refer to Trader Joe's as the fishing store. I went into this one to see what it was all about. I wasn't missing out.

Waiting FOREVER just to ride a cable car and have the experience.

I make this face for basically everything but it fit well whilst I was riding the cable car.
Though I will still refer to it as a trolley.

It's fun dangling off of the cable car the entire ride.

I had to stop in Forever 21.

My flight was at 9:30pm on Tuesday and I got an alert around 1pm (via text) that my flight got pushed to 10:30pm then it got delayed to 11pm and then 11:30pm! So I had quite some time until my flight and saw/did a lot. 
I got to the airport by 10:30pm and got nervous that I missed my flight because I tried checking in on my phone again and it said it was closed. BUT I didn't miss it and the flight only had 17 people on it so it was fast and comfy.

I took this picture because I set my luggage down and noticed Louis's (my otter) hand sticking out of my backpack. It's the little kid in me. 

All in all, San Francisco was nice but it's not "all that" how people make it sound. I prefer Seattle or NYC over San Francisco. I would go back to go on the Alcatraz tour and maybe when the weather is a little warmer but if I don't, I won't care. It's nice to know that a flight to California is an hour or less. I'll be doing that over driving.