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Friday, January 10, 2014


Most of us (all people) have a tendency to shy away and hide if we do something that's wrong or that we think people may not approve of. As a believer, I also think that we run away from God if/when we slip up because we're ashamed, feel guilty, feel unworthy, etc. God doesn't want you to run away from Him, He wants you to run TO Him. Regardless of the sin in our life or how we (all people) feel as if we couldn't be forgiven, God TELLS US that he has forgiven and forgotten our sin, once we've repented. BUT with that being said, it doesn't mean keep sinning because we know that if we repent, God will forgive, and repeat. It means to TURN from your sin. 

We also can't turn from our sin and stay in our old ways if our old ways were not pure. We must make change and with change comes sacrifice. We won't be able to live the life that God wants for us if we keep staying stuck and making choices that keep us living the lesser life than what God has planned for us. With all of that being said, CHOOSE to run to God. CHOOSE to be obedient. We won't know that our lives will or won't change until we try. We won't know that God won't change our hearts if we don't fully seek Him daily. We (all people) try something for a week or month and if we don't see immediate results, we say that it doesn't work and move on to the next thing. A relationship with God doesn't work like that. We must be obedient, each day, and seek God and read His word. The results from having an actual relationship with God are priceless. No other feeling like it. I'm guilty of becoming distant because I've allowed other things such as sports, work, friends, other activities to get in the way of my relationship with God.

2014 is another new year and I'm excited to see what God has in store for me and for you!

If you've grown distant from God, for whatever reasons, it's not too late to run to Him. 
He's waiting for you to come home . . . 

This song always reminds me of running back to Jesus.