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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


December 18, 2012

So even though mom got sick a couple of days after I flew in, we still made the best of it. We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas and I'm grateful/thankful that I flew in. 

Her fat cat still fat.

We ordered a jalapeno pizza for lunch!!
And we watched "I'll be home for Christmas" and "Home Alone" for our afternoon.

I was trying to pet Tessie and she got fresh.

Luckily, Omar was able to take me to the airport and that helped a lot since mom was sick. Starbucks on the way, haha.

Of course, I ruin the picture by making that face.

I never tire of these views...

THANK YOU to everyone I got to see. Nothing but blessings. Forever thankful and grateful for Jesus and all that he's done and continues to do.

Until next time....I'll be back sooner than expected Florida :)


December 17, 2012

It looked like Jurassic park outside of our hotel room when we woke up!

I'm pretty sure it would be my dream come true if I could live out of hotel rooms. I'm still trying to figure out a position that would pay for me to travel, stay at hotels and pay for my food. If anyone has any ideas, holla at a sista!

I woke up at 8am and let mom sleep in since she was not feeling any better. I got ready and visited Liza in the Club Lounge and that was great catching up with her. Then I stopped down and visited with Jenny, Juanita, Chef Nando, Leo, Meagan and Craig. It was SO good to see them and being at RPR just felt like home and seeing them made it that much better.
I got to see Penda and she's finally having a girl! Third times a charm. I joked with her and asked what number baby she's on because she's always pregnant!!

I have a problem with taking pictures of my name.

I made this collage for the Front Desk before I left in Summer of 2011 and it's still up :)

Mom and I left RPR around 11am and we both fell asleep the second we got back to Tampa. I woke up around 4pm and visited a little bit with Ann but then I felt like I was getting sick so I went back home and drank a ton of Emergen-C. I laid down a little bit more and was all better by 8pm. I was afraid I was getting whatever mom had but it went away. I went back to Ann's house around 7pm and visited with her for an hour or so and then Omar picked me up around 8:30pm. 

We stopped at Starbucks, of course, on the way to Clearwater Beach. We also found multiple bathrooms on the way to actually making it to the beach since Omar drank too much coffee and had to pee every 20 minutes. We hadn't seen each other since June so we hung out for quite a few hours. I forgot how nice it is on the beach, at night, and even in December when it's 70. haha The little hair that I do have, was not having the humidity though. I don't miss that. 

It was my last night before I flew back to Vegas. Successful trip. 


December 16, 2012

Our plans were to go to NWC (northwest community church) at 9am and then go to Sea World but mom woke up terribly sick :( So we finally both got up around 10:30am and ordered room service. When the room service came and I opened the door, the server looked at me funny and I was like, "I used to work here" lol and we both start laughing (I feel terrible, I forgot her name) and caught up a little bit. So sweet.

Mom still wasn't feeling good but we had Sea World waiting for us, that was our Christmas. So we stopped and got medicine on the way to Sea World. When I took the pic of her on the couch and showed it to her, her exact words were: "Post that on facebook and I'll get all the mens." CLEARLY, there's no lack of self confidence in this family. I get it from my mama.

I think it's hilarious that this is comfortable for Flamingos.

MY FAVORITE SHOW of all time!!!

Clyde & Seamour take pirate island!!

I want one!

The walrus is always so HUGE!

I love the dolphins

I saw this Turkey leg and could not get it out of my head until I had it.


Mom likes to take pictures when I'm not ready

Note to self: Stand up straight, Kristina!

Moms HOT PANTS matched the trees!

These guys could sing and white dude could REALLY sing!

I'm not a fan of ice cream BUT when I saw this Shamu brownie sunday...I couldn't not get it. Mom normally would eat most of it but she was sick so not even half was eaten but I kept the bowl and brought it back to Vegas!

The Shamu show is just not the same without the actual Shamu. The whales are beautiful and all but at the end of the show, you're waiting for them to let through the HUGE whale and it never happens.
It's sad. The show is kinda boring without it.

After five hours at Sea World, mom was drained so we went back to the hotel around 8pm and she went to sleep. I went downstairs, to the lobby, to put all pictures from my phone and camera onto my ipad. I did that, visited with concierge, and then just as I was about to go back upstairs, Kathy told me she was at the Orchid Lounge! So we sprinted to each other, hugged it out and I sat with her, her cousin, Sam and all the kids. We laughed, talked, drank some wine...enjoyed each other. It was really good to see them.

OMG...I just saw this and laughed, OUT LOUD, when I posted it.

Missed you, Kathy!

My adopted babies, in Kathy's words :)
They are adorable...when they aren't karate chopping each other all up in the sushi place!

...the kids karate chopping each other

This was our last night in Orlando and we were heading back to Tampa the following morning.