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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have a tendency to get extremely distracted whilst shopping. Once I get in front of a mirror, it's hard to pull away and actually try on clothes. OR once I try them on, I take pictures for most of the time before changing again.

I believe this was Target right when I moved to Vegas back in November 2011.

This looks like Banana Republic. And I was still sporting the boot AND these are my clothes….not even the ones I was trying on yet.

Banana Republic again. 

 This looks like Kohl's.

 This was Roxy….LOVE this store.

Banana Republic…this is my most visited store.

I've only visited this store once but loved it. It's called Rhapsodielle. 

 My second most frequented store would be Victoria's Secret. I love love their sweats and they even have sports bras! I normally shop online with them.

Banana Republic

My first visit at the Nike store in Caesars Forums Shops…I fell IN LOVE with EVERYTHING!
Addicted to the dri fit…feels so good…I train FOREVER! 

I didn't get this jacket but I got both pants and the jacket above. 
Next buy will be the Nike Fuelband...

These are just a small number of pictures I've taken in front of mirrors…more to come!

Monday, October 22, 2012


October 21, 2012

I wish my head would stop thinking. What irks me is the fact that people are so dependent on other people. 

My point?

You need to know yourself before you go bringing someone else into your life. You also just need to DO YOU and do the things that you do want to accomplish. For me, any time that I do attempt to date, that person takes my attention away from my priorities and goals that I have. Marrying someone is not a goal of mine therefore a relationship will not be a priority for me. SO many people complain about their situations and they're miserable (not all but a lot are) and it's because they rushed into things or did things according to what society and/or the people in their lives think. You've got to be OUT YO MIND if you think I'm gonna make a life choice based on someone else's opinions. 

Don't get it twisted though, there are plenty of loving and beautiful marriages/relationships out there. I'm simply saying that it shouldn't be frowned upon if someone doesn't want to be married or in a relationship. It's one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kinda things. 

And to answer that question I get frequently, "Why am I single?" - Because I haven't found anyone worth my time just yet. The most honest answer you'll get.

I could ramble on more and more BUT I know that this topic will come up again in the future so I'll save it for then :)

This will be a fun video to look back on if I do ever get married. If/when that day comes, people can say "I told you so" all day long. They can even sing it to me. (I like to be serenaded) BUT, until that day comes, I'm ridin' solo (and loving every second).

Thursday, October 18, 2012


October 16, 2012

DjHexx riling up the crowd before the show gets started!

He got the night started! 



Theory Hazit --


Json --
He did a great job of gettin' the crowd started with sayin' he heard Vegas doesn't have rhythm. We proved him wrong fast!


Beautiful Eulogy --
These guys are phenomenal. 


Shai Linne --
Shai Linne's smile throughout his songs was a message in itself. What a man of God. It shows how far a smile goes. 


Every performer was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You could see God's work in them and their messages were so powerful. Hip Hop is alive and here to stay…keep praying for HIP HOP!

 Check out Lamp Mode website: 

Check out Humble Beast website:

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm bout to get real ghetto wit dis post so get ready for Tiana to bust out. I'm not going to apologize for this post but I will say that ima hate on the men for a minute.

This for all the ladies that already have a wall up but it only gets higher and higher with each new experience. We can thank the men for that but ultimately, we still have a choice. We can choose to build that wall up or keep taking a risk on love. It's up to each individual since some people think love is worth the risk and some don't.

This awesome song by Keisha Cole was on XM today and I fell in love with it. After I listened to it, a few other songs popped in my head with the similar topic. We love you, men but sometimes we just can't stand you. And not necessarily can't stand a man (or men, in general) but what they do.

The lyrics speak for themselves. I know you feel me, ladies. Tell em ta go get lost wit dat mess.

You don't deserve my love.
You had my heart but then you blew it.
I'm so over you, go get lost.
Trust and believe me, she'll never be me.

Why are you callin my phone, you ain't got nothin I want.

Trust and Believe - Keyshia Cole

This is for the men that constantly seem to be apologizing and mostly for the same thing. Instead of having to apologize so often, perhaps one can avoid doing things they have to continue to apologize for. Just a thought. Sounds logical to me but hey, I don't know everything. And don't apologize when/if you don't want to. Don't apologize when you think that's what the other person wants to hear, especially if you don't mean it, you just feel obligated. 

Take a Bow - Rihanna

Sometimes we (women) try to be mean and/or tough. We try to be the way men are, so detached with their feelings. I even make fun of the guys when they get hurt feelings and say, "stop acting like a girl". I was telling someone that I don't want to sound or get all girl about it and she yelled at me and said, "but you are a girl!" My feelings get hurt and I will go around it for as long as I can before I admit it. Ladies, the guys just don't understand.

Keep a straight face when you tell a lie, always keep an anti alibi 
Wish we could switch up the roles and I could be that
Tell you I love you but when you call, I never get back.

Like a boy - Ciara

This is actually one of my all time favorite songs and best work out song. Don't you love it, ladies, when they come runnin' back?! Sometimes it's months, even years later. Unbelievable. And they were SO sure of themselves when they talked all that talk but now they back. 
They got ta be out they mind!

There you go - Pink

Ladies! He said all the right things at ALL the right times. They can be such beautiful liars when they need to be….

Beautiful Liar - Beyonce ft. Shakira

Don't be stressin, ladies!! If you got one of dem insecure men, let em gooooo! You'll end up giving tons more up than him and in the end, you still gon end up droppin' him so do it sooner than later...

If he ain't gon love you the way he should, then let him go
If he ain't gon treat you the way he should, then let it go

Let it go - Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliott & Lil Kim

We'll end it with this last song. Ladies, when you thought you loved him but he turned out to be trifling….you be thankful you saw the real him before it went further. And don't forget to thank them for showing you now rather than later.

Dodge dat bullet fo it feel like it's too late!

…I'll be the best thing you never had.

Best thing I never had - Beyonce

I actually had to go back in time to feel what I felt back when I experienced some things. Let's just say I'm extremely happy I don't feel like this now but I do understand when it happens. 

I'll be posting another post (this week or the next) counteracting this one with all the things we love that men do.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


October 9, 2012

A Tribute to Red Skelton 

Located at: The Westin Casuarina
160 E. Flamingo Rd.
Paradise, NV 89109

Since I'm still new to Vegas (though I've been here 10 months now), I'd like to see more shows just to be able to recommend to guests and experience Vegas. People referred me to which is a link to a local Vegas website that allows locals to see shows (the day of) for free. It was about 11:15am and my day off so I decided to try it out. I'm not a fan of Magic or anything of that sort so the only thing that looked fun to try was this show called "Remembering Red." 

I went up to the box office (located in the Westin between Starbucks and their restaurant called "Suede"). Two gentleman were there, one was Brian, the performer who played Red Skelton. They were shocked that I was interested in seeing the show and said that I'll for sure be the youngest in the crowd. I let them know my main reasoning for coming and we chatted for a while. Then I went to Starbucks, got a pumpkin spice latte, and headed into the show.

The stage.

 My tattoo is still healing pretty nicely. I haven't been working out because I don't want to run just yet. The last thing I want is to have to get this touched up just as it heals.

The show was entertaining. It was similar to slapstick comedy. Red Skelton never used profanity and even got all the rights to his show so that it couldn't be aired as reruns. He was extremely popular in the 1960's. Everyone watched him.
Here's a website with more info on his life:

Brian was extremely nice and I wish him well and continued success!

Here's another deal I randomly found in case anyone is interested in catching this show!

Some pics of Red Skelton and a funny video:

My favorite skit was called "Guzzler's Gin" - ENJOY!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


October 6, 2012

Mandalay Bay 

Main hotel website:

Events Center:

This was the Clippers first preseason game of the season. And the first NBA game to be held at the Events Center at Mandalay Bay. Basketball games aren't played in Nevada since we don't have a team…that should change because I want to buy season tickets. You can park in the West parking garage, near the main entrance of the hotel or in the back (near the 4 seasons entrance) at the events center. I parked near the hotel because I wanted to look at the lobby and give myself a tour. I'm a sucker for checking out all hotel lobbies. Go figure.

 Making my way to the game! Well…Aphrodite (my car) and I :)

Mandalay Bay and The Hotel from a distance

The Events Center is a great venue for basketball games. I've not been there for concerts yet. I'd like to see Pink (Feb 2012) and Rihanna (April 2012) so we'll see. I won't go to any concerts that I can't get good seats at otherwise I might as well just watch it on TV!

 There was a glare with any photo I took but this sign was cool for the opening game

There's this restaurant that has this huge wine rack in it and I happened to walk by, later, and see this girl filling the wine rack and she was being held by bungy cords. I want that job.

We had an "Orchid Lounge" at Loews Royal Pacific Resort so I took a pic. Memories...

The Mandalay Bay lobby - very beautiful, organized, open

View from the lobby

Clippers and Nuggets warming up

I'm not a die hard fan of any particular team. Since I'm from Milwaukee, WI, I'm not a fan of the Bucks (lol) and I loved in FL for 7 years and I watched the Orlando Magic play but not a devoted fan of any team. I like players, mainly point guards, such as Jameer Nelson, Steve Nash, Chris Paul…anyone that can make plays happen. I root for Magic, Heat, Lakers and Clippers. As much as people dislike Kobe, I'm a die hard fan of his BUT I'm really looking forward to watching the Clippers play this season. They have a good, young team. I just love basketball and to talk big to instigate arguments. 
It's a good time.

Blake Griffin needs to put his outside shot in check. And by outside shot, I mean any shot that he makes that's not a dunk. He needs work and after this game, I'm thinking everyone agrees so I'm sure he'll practice for the season. I hope. 

Deandre Jordan was fierce! He had great D and great offense. He'll do big things this season. Lamar Odom is great. I've always been a fan of his…minus his reality stints and man-child banter of only playing in LA. 

Score at half time. Nuggets led the game each quarter and they had about a 6 to 10 point lead consistently. 

Warming up after the half

I was never a fan of the Nuggets but I will say that Kenneth Faried is pretty powerful. His hair reminds me of Samson. I'm convinced that his hair gives him his basketball skills therefore he should never cut it. He can dunk and take it to the hoop on the regular. Excited to see him do his thing this season. 

This is not the final score. This game was GREAT from the beginning to the end. Both teams put up a fight. Clippers just let the last bucket go through. Nuggets drove to the hoop in less than 15 seconds and scored to win the game. Ridiculous BUT it was a great game. 

I'm looking forward to this season. I normally miss most games and just get the updates on my ESPN app since I'm always at work during game time. Hopefully I can catch some this season. I'd like to make it to LA to watch a Lakers and Clippers game.