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Monday, June 11, 2012

Florida - Day 4

June 7, 2012

My flight wasn't until 6:30pm so I was able to meet up with a few friends prior to my departure. Chris and melanie picked me up around 9:30am and we went out to breakfast to Cracker Barrel. I haven't seen them for a year as well. I haven't seen anyone from Florida for about a year actually. Catch was in school so I didn't get to see him BUT Chris did take this video when they picked him up (after they dropped me off at my friend, Samantha's)…

Catch is my buddy. I've known him since he was born and he just turned 5. When we used to have game nights at Chris and Melanie's and I was going to leave, he'd say, "Don't leave Kritina" and leave out the "s".  SOOO cute

It was great to see Chris, Mel and Given. I've known Chris and Melanie since 2004 (right when I moved to FL from WI). They are great friends and it was so good being able to meet up. Funny how when you move, far away, you take for granted when living so close…and that's why skype was invented. If it weren't for skype, I'd be really bummed and probably flying around the world even more so than I already do.

Chris dropped me off at my friends Samantha's house and we literally sat in her kitchen and talked…for 5 hours! I got there around 11:30am and didn't have to leave for the airport until 4:45pm (and she had to be to work by 6pm) so it worked out. I met Samantha in Spanish class at St. Pete College. 

Meet Aurora - Samantha's adorable puppy

Cutest salt and pepper shaker I've ever seen

 I wanted a picture with Aurora but she kept licking my face….

We finally got a good one!!

Then she was licking me again.

As soon as I saw the weather when waiting for my flight, I just knew there was going to be a delay somewhere. My flight coming from Atlanta was delayed so instead of leaving at 7pm, our plane didn't get in until 7pm. I was 40 minutes delayed and missed my connecting flight in Atlanta. ANOTHER reason why I chose to connect in Memphis on my way to Tampa because something always goes down in ATL. It was almost a bummer BUT luckily there was another flight to Vegas boarding just 15 minutes after I missed my connecting flight. I made it to Vegas 30 minutes from when I was supposed to which was FAB compared to having to wait hours or even until the next day.

I watched "Contraband" on my ipad and it was pretty good. I also played a lot of Sudoku. And then I just waited to see the city all lit up…that's when I know I'm home. It's funny because when we were on the plane, some passenger thought he paid extra for a premium seat so he asked the pilot because he was there and he said, "Sorry, you'll have to ask one of the attendants. I don't patrol seats, I just fly planes" - my kinda of pilot.

It was a wonderful trip. I'm so happy I got to spend some quality time with mom and right before her birthday. Without her and her determination, I wouldn't be where I am. All I can say when people comment about my life is….I GET IT FROM MY MAMA!

It was great catching up with friends as well! Thanks for making time to spend with me. I know what it's like when people visit and it can be difficult to meet up with work and all so I appreciate it. I don't have plans to see Florida for another year or so…SO if anyone comes to Nevada, let me know and I'll try to meet up!!

Live. Life. Out. Loud.

Florida - Day 3

June 6, 2012

Mom had a cook out planned from the moment she found out I was visiting. She bought a new grill and boy was it fun attempting to light charcoal!

I say, "Mom! Let's take a picture!" and she says, "Let's press our boobs together!" and I'm all, "OK!!"

We had to take a "normal" picture for the rest of the world. Though our "normal" pictures are like the ones above.
 She cooked and baked and prepared all this goodness. Spanakopita (spinach pie) and Galaktoboureko (when pronounced out loud, it sounds like "booty call" so don't get it twisted. It's a Greek desert with custard…my FAV)

Delicious potato salad!


I was remaking a picture from when my cousin Peggy was 2 years old. She walked up to the table and stuck a huge spoonful of potato salad in her mouth.

 Oh salad!!

This was my plate. And I'm sadly going to admit that I'm salivating just posting these pictures because I'm already missing this food! For those of you who know me well, I do not cook. I have no desire and no patience for it. Let's just say that I, for sure, ate like a big girl.

Mom's friends

I bought a birthday cake earlier that day when I had to pick some stuff up for the party. I kept it in Ann's fridge and then carried it across the street…running, so mom wouldn't see me (that was fun). As people came over (all of moms friends and neighbors), I sat beside them to tell them it's her birthday Sunday so we're going to sing happy birthday. We surprised her and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

 Happy 21'st Birthday, mom!!

She's a lover.

I was born a dancing fool

Mom and Janine - friends from back in the day!

 Ann and I had another night cap at her house. We switched it up with some Blue Moon.

She's a snuggler and I'm not so this was awkward. Haha - still love her

The cook out was SO good and it was nice catching up with the neighbors and moms friends. We can take life fore granted many times and it was good just living in the moment. Not thinking about work (or at least trying not to), not thinking about bills, not thinking about what I'm going to do tomorrow…just enjoying the moment happening at that time.

Florida - Day 2

June 5, 2012

This is where I slept because for some reason, I can't sleep in the beds at my moms. I woke up around 12:30pm since I hadn't been able to fall asleep until 4am. All the time changes.
Funny story. 
So those blinds in the background of this picture are there as well as behind (where I was taking the picture) and they are always open during the day. I don't like to wear a lot of clothes and I just change in the living room since that's where all my stuff was. My mom walks in and sees me half naked and starts yelling. It was so good.

And, Monday (when I flew in) Ann came over while I was walking around in just my "under garments" (as Jesse would say) and I say, "Sorry Ann, I'm in my bra" and Ann replies with, "Well then, nothing's changed!" - this is true

This was what is looked like 3 out of the 4 days I was visiting. It was fun…though it interrupted Tuesday beach day. 

Mom uses my dell laptop that I've had since 2005 which is really slow and she's been wanting to get a new laptop so we went to the mall and got an ipad 2 for her. So now we can skype from across the country. 

Z Gallerie has the BEST art and funny books (it's mainly a furniture store) and this was there. I felt the need to take a picture and post it somewhere as a daily reminder.

 After mom and I got home from the mall, Omar and I had plans to go to the beach. Due to the weather change, we decided to go bowling. This was how we decided on bowling. 
Omar: "What about bowling? Or a movie?"
Me: "Either sounds good. But I don't want you to feel bad if I beat you in bowling."
Omar: "You just settled it right there."
I will say that I won the first game….and he may have won the other 2 games but who's to say, really. HAHA - He won fair and square. It was good competition. I did try and blame it on my bowling ball of course but the score doesn't lie.
We went to starbucks (love that place and especially the mocha oreo crumble sensation goodness) and then we stopped at a tattoo place because he's got a tattoo he wants to finish up. Walking into the tattoo place makes me itch for another one. I'm not going to say I'm getting one but I'm not going to say I'm not getting another one :)
It was definitely a fun day catching up.
Omar and his family moved from California to Florida the same year my mom and I moved from Wisconsin to Florida. We all met at Highest Praise Family church and have been friends since.

Later on that night, mom and I had another girls night and we watched "28 days" (with Sandra Bullock) - probably one of my all time favorite comedies. 

 Meet Tessie….my mom's fat cat.

Another flashback! Junior prom - 2003

Oh my gosh….hilarious - I think I was 15 here.

 Giving mom ipad lessons to be sure she knows how to skype and use it once I left.

Another fun day with family and friends….can't ask for much more.

Florida - Day 1

June 4, 2012

So I wasn't planning on visiting Florida at all in 2012 buuut I kinda missed my mom a lot and hadn't seen her in year. When I got back from Nicaragua (April 2012), I was going to try and fly just for 2 days and surprise mom for mother's day but it was coming up too quickly and I just couldn't. Then I remembered it was her birthday in June so I'd fly in for that. I was going to keep it a surprise but I knew if I flew in and she couldn't take off work, it'd be a problem SO I bought my flight and told her when I was flying in.

I like to take red eye flights so I can sleep (or attempt to) but make the most of the days of my trips.

My traditional airport bathroom picture - gross

I'm currently reading the first book of The Hunger Games. I have 3 chapters left - pretty good

I couldn't get a direct flight to Tampa if my life depended on it and I HATE having any connecting flights in Atlanta because there's ALWAYS a delay somewhere….so I had a 2am flight from Vegas to Memphis then Memphis to Tampa. I slept the first 2 hours until I was woken up by horrendous turbulence. I fly a lot and prefer flying for any type of traveling so I kinda can't be scared but I was definitely freaking out (on the inside) on this flight. I've never had this bad of turbulence and you could tell it was all wind. It was around 5am so I'm assuming the pilot wasn't saying anything, assuming most passengers were asleep, but that made me all the more uneasy. 
I clearly survived but I'm done flying for 2012.

Don't ask me why buuut I was bored whilst waiting on the ramp to board the plane and I happened to look on the inside of my jeans and saw it says, "artist" ! How funny! Clearly, these are someone else's pants because I am the least creative person. 

Waiting for mom to pull back around and pick me up

Still waiting sooo I just had a mini photo sesh

"The club can't even handle us right now" - meet my mom, Jennie

I walked into the house (it's been a year) and I forgot all about my senior high school picture

Mom, myself and Ann (our neighbor and family friend) went out to lunch at this place called Rumba and it has Island type food - very VERYgood….mom had a tough time deciding what to get as you can tell by the expression on her face.

I'm running on very little to no sleep but I suck it up to make it to the beach. And good thing we did because it rained the rest of the days I was there. (Which I didn't mind since we never get rain in Nevada so I missed it)

We went to Honeymoon Island

It's like they're famous and I took a paparazzi picture!

 Big mama

Ann and mom

Mom was making me laugh in this picture. We have a tendency to do that to each other.

Ladies day at the beach!!

Beautiful. I definitely miss the option to go to the beach.

My reading buddy, Ann. We read books and recommend tons to each other from across the Country.

I saw the swing and yell, "Mom, let's take a picture on the swing!" and she decides to lay across the whole thing whilst struggling to sit up.

There we go!

Mom likes to collect big rocks and put them around the outside of her house so she's walking with this rock in her hand and she keeps going in the water but it's not sandy, the ground is full of rocks so of course she tumbles down and gets a mouth full of water….


We decided to move down the beach and try to find a sandier side 

Good thing I have short hair in this humidity. I don't know how I did it for 7 years in Florida with long hair. 

Catching up with my mom

This was my mom's dad (Grandpa Gus). He passed down the hard work ethic to my mom that she's taught me. Love and miss this guy so much.

I got this tattoo in remembrance of him and his dedication back in 2009.

Another old pic! I got my Associates degree from St. Petersburg college (in Clearwater, FL) back in 2007.

I went to Ann's house (right across from my mom's) and we had a little night cap of kahlua irish cream - delish and a fantastic way to lounge and catch up

I couldn't sleep so I had a little feta, bread and olives…at 1am

I put this picture on my mom's room door years ago and she still has it up. This is me, probably at 17 or 18, with her wig on that she had from her modeling days. And those are her glasses she wore back when she was 20…I stole them and wear them for pictures.

Another picture she left on her room door. This was like 1am, a random night, and I couldn't sleep so I dressed up in all this random attire and woke mom up to look. Bet she loved that!

My brother (Bill) and I back in the day

Found this old school pic of my mom. Beautiful lady.

I arrived in Florida at 11:30am and we went straight to lunch then the beach. I couldn't hang for longer than two hours at the beach just because I was on zero sleep so we went home and I took a nap around 4pm…and woke up at 9pm. But Ann and I had our little night cap until midnight so that was fun.