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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kelly Clarkson concert - Stronger Tour

April 5, 2012

The Pearl at Palms 

There were these sweet (purple) palms bags being handed out so I tried one on

Perfect seats 

LOVE this - the sound guy taking a nap during Matt Nathanson's performance

I'd never heard of Matt Nathanson before this concert but he was pretty good and really funny when he talked between songs

Waiting for Kelly

She sang 16 songs! 

She sang "Never again" as a ballad (it sounded GREAT) and when she was explaining the way it sounds (before she sang it) was that it sounds like you're still pissed off but it's creepy sexy - haha

She does a fan favorite song for each concert so at our concert, she sang "Hopelessly devoted to you" by  Olivia Newton-John - SO good

Right before she sang "I forgive you" she said, "This is a song that I definitely didn't write" - haha

Before she sang, "Mr. Know it all" - she asks the audience, "Anybody ever dated a tool? I was blessed, I dated a big giant douche" - made EVERYONE laugh

I'd LOVE to see her live again but with Karen! When "Since you've been gone" came on, I recorded the entire song because Karen and I made our own music video to it back in 2005 (when she came to visit me in Florida) - HILARIOUS

Awesome concert, Kelly! Gotta support my Greeks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nicaragua - Day 4

April 12, 2012

I was the last one up! (it was 8am) Karen walks in and just starts laughing at my hair and she took the mango out of my bag that she put in the day before (so I don't get stopped at customs).

Both of Karen's thumb nails came off during the wedding, haha!

View from the restaurant of the hotel we were at for the wedding

I LOVE tostones!

I think everyone else had the Nicaraguan breakfast or something - I don't like rice

All the luggage I brought to Nica - all carry ons, so much easier (but hard on my back)

I love everything caramel!

Caramel on cheesecake!

So much coffee

I did not get a tan

Though I attempted to for an hour


We ate dinner, after spending some time at the pool, then I read and slept since we all had to be up by 5:15am for our 7:45am flight. 

April 13th, 2012

Even my hair doesn't agree with the morning time.
I woke up singing, "I wanna rock and roll all night!!" ….at 5:15am

The Best Western is directly across the street from the airport, so convient

As I'm going through security, the guy asks if I have liquids in my bag and I always do and always travel with them. What I do is wrap eye make up remover, shampoos, anything that could leak gets wrapped inside wash cloths and I place them throughout my bag. I always travel this way and never have been stopped…until now. I reach in my bag and start bringing them out and he says, "You need to put them in a clear zip lock bag."
Me: "I brought them in this way"
Him: "You need to put them in a clear zip lock bag"
Me: "I have a plastic bag"
Him: "It needs to be a clear zip lock bag"
Me: "Do YOU have a clear zip lock bag"
Him: "No"
*He should have known better than to try and argue with me at 6am, SERIOUSLY?!

I sat nearby the boarding area and closer to when we were going to board, this older man walks up to the counter saying that he's Medallion member and that his secretary called Delta to upgrade his seat to first class. (I'm thinking, here we go…) The employee tells him that he has a frequent flyer number but he is not a medallion member on this flight but he can be put on a list to upgrade. This guy gets on his phone to call his "office" and it just sounds so ridiculous. If you want to upgrade, PAY for it and you clearly did not spend enough and flown enough to be sitting first class so SIT down. (That's how I would have handled that :)

I, on the other hand, sat first class on both my flights back to Vegas. HAHA (that man would have been so upset knowing I got bumped up for free) The first flight was because a wife and infant were sitting in one seat in first class and I was sitting beside her husband and other kid and just as we were about to start going, the wife asks me if I want a first class seat. I said, "What's the seat number please?" (and headed there asap) Then when I arrived in Atlanta, my connecting flight was delayed so I went up to the desk to ask if there were any other flights I could get on. The employee upgrades me to first class thinking she got me on a different flight but it was the same flight. I had to wait regardless but I got to eat!

On my first flight, once I moved up to first class, I ended up sitting beside this man that was from Kenya but lives in Toronto and he travels EVERYWHERE. We were chatting and me being Greek seems to come up in any conversation and he says, "You don't seem like you would be Greek. Most Greeks are heavier." Me: "Thanks!"

The flight attendant walks by handing out hot wash cloths….um, no thanks (that made me feel like I couldn't fly first class often, too fancy)

My second flight was supposed to arrive in Vegas by 6pm and we didn't get there until 8:30pm. In ATL, the Delta employees were offering $300 in Delta money then a free night at a hotel to fly out tomorrow. Twice, within 7 months, when I was flying back to Vegas, I've been offered to take a later flight and some money but it's always when I'm dead tired and don't want to do it! So I didn't and I sat first class instead :)
Also, after the connecting flight was late and we were finally boarding at 6pm (instead of 4:30pm), we boarded and our plane had to go back to the gate because of a "maintenance issue" - it's Friday the 13th, plane is late then issues….fantastic - made for a good story but I was good. I read "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks and it was SO good! I'm going to see the movie when it releases on April 20th so I'm extra excited. I love movies and I love reading!!!

Thank you sweet Vegas…I missed you and I will not leave for a while

This man's half dreads were intriguing 

What I've learned on this trip:

1) I've never been happier for my best friend 
2) I've come to the conclusion that IF I get married, I will either elope, hire a wedding planner OR just not get married. End of story.
3) Life is so much fun - live it

Note to self:
Don't go to Nicaragua with a broken toe

Nicaragua - Day 3 - WEDDING DAY

April 11, 2012

It's finally the wedding day!
Karen and I got up early to shower and get ready to go into town for Karen to get her hair and nails done at the salon. I get out of the shower and I see Karen starting at the TV watching the Iron Giant in Spanish.
Karen: "This is my favorite movie!"

I was looking at this journal she's been writing in to give to Wil and there's a "P" on the cover so I ask, "Is P for papi?" Karen says, "P is for Picado (Wil's last name)" Me: "Oh, well I like Papi better."

We had breakfast before we left the hotel and Karen starts to eat her fruit and makes that face then says, "It tastes like dirty socks" - 

Karen was calling Wil in a phone booth for him to meet us so she could give him the church papers. 
The taxi drivers loved beeping at us and yelling, "Chiquitas" ALL day. Karen says, "I hope one of them crashes when they do that so they learn their lesson." Me: "I'm pretty sure they won't learn their lesson even if that did happen."

Mary, the lady doing Karen's hair (and the Salon owner) did an amazing job on Karen's hair

Karen was trying to memorize her vows in Spanish on this paper she got from the priest and I ask, "What does it all say?" Karen: "I take you, through all the problems, etc." Me: "Oh, I don't think I could do that."

I showed Karen a picture of Halle Berry, in a magazine I was looking at, and told her how I'd love to have my hair like that. Karen says, "They can cut your hair like that here (she giggles)" Me: "UM, no thanks"

Curls are done and nails are almost done!

Karen was saying that Mary (the salon owner) cuts foreigners hair first to make a good first impression and she's in charge. 
Me: "I think people like when I'm in charge." 
Karen: "Wil deals with it when I'm in charge because it's always."
Spoken like real women :)

Just before I take this picture, I say, "Karen, close your legs" - HAHAAA


I told Karen that she looked like a movie star so she started posing

It took us forever to get a taxi to get to the hotel since no one was going that way. And I always get excited when I see an American and I see a guy and I'm, "Oh, there's a white guy!" Karen: (on a mission to get a cab) "He doesn't have a car, keep walking"

Make up time then dress and we're off to the church!

Chicken fingers before we get in our dresses!

When I was helping Karen put her spanks on (under her dress), I told her she just wear that for her lingerie

Karen: "I can feel your leg shaking"
Me: "I don't want to put all my weight on you, I'm a big girl!"

Taxi ride to the wedding!!

The church that the wedding was held in. We had to walk from the building next door into the church and Becca (a peace corp volunteer, a bridesmaid in Karen's wedding) and I decided that it's extremely difficult to walk on mud/rocks whilst attempting to look up and smile for pictures.

As we're standing, waiting for the flower girls and everyone to go down the aisle, I lean on Becca and inform her that I have to scratch my leg. She says, "You better only be scratching your leg" 
Me: "Oh, calm down! It is just my leg!"

Franklin and I walking in

Karen's godparents

Karen nodded at me to go so Franklin and I started to walk back down the aisle and it wasn't at the right time. Good times

When we were all sitting, Becca kept crossing her legs and noticed that no one else in the church was and she says, "I'm going to cross my legs even if it is improper." 
Me: "Better your legs crossed than your vagina showing in the middle of church."
Becca: "Exactly."

Wil's parents

Karen's parents

Wil's 3 brothers and their wives/kids

The bus we took to the reception

Fire in the mountains. That's normal.


The lovebirds

So the bus almost didn't make it over the tiny bridge and instead of letting all of us off the bus before the short bridge, we get over it (with a full bus) then are let off to walk the rest of the way - haha

Me: "Karen, would it be completely improper of me to use the kabob stick as a toothpick?"

Manuel and Roberto

Manuel wanted to be a bridesmaid

Best friends for life

These are tickets we had to turn in to get our meal. 
Karen yells: "Monica needs one too! (a meal ticket) 
Me: "Were you saying that to Wil? Because that was English" (Wil only speaks Spanish)

Karen attempting to pop champagne

Karen grabs her kabob, takes a bite, and juice spills right on her dress - typical

I look at Karen and ask, "Why is there dirt in my juice?"
Karen: "It's fruit. It's passion fruit, the most popular drink here."
Me: "I don't want it."

The Groom, Wil and I

The boys gettin' down

Bailar! Bajo Bajo!

The wedding party dance


Love these guys (Manuel and Roberto)

The guys and I stopped in Wil and Karen's cabin to drop off her bags and the room was decorated! 

Karen pouring us shots

The Zielke fam

Where all the wedding gifts went!

The wedding turned out BEAUTIFUL and it was so nice to see everyone again. I was there in 2010 and  when they would ask me when I'm coming back to visit, I didn't think it would have been this soon. I'm glad it was. The people there are great. I'm so excited for Karen and Wil! 

CONGRATS to my best friend!!