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Monday, September 27, 2010

Loews Miami - Day 3 - 9/23/10

Our last day together in Miami :(
Thea G took a boat tour to see celebrity houses then ended up at Bayside Mall (where I met her later). While she was taking the tour, I stayed at Loews and had coffee, read the paper, did my crossword, read my book - RELAXED...the most ideal morning. It was gloomy all morning and started pouring around 10:30 so I stayed in but it was a great day.
I met Thea G at the mall around 2 and then took her to the airport at 4:30. We hit traffic so I didn't get on my way until 6:30 and home at 9:30 I think.

Miami was fab but I'm good not visiting for another year....unless someone else wants to drive. That drive is annoying.

Wonderful trip and glad I was able to spend it w/ my Thea/Godmother - LOVE YOU

Loews Miami - Day 2 - 9/21/10 & 9/22/10

We were able to check in at 11am and w/ a great view - thanks Andres! I met Mohan (the Director of Front Office Operations) who was very nice. Thea G and I headed up to the 17th floor to unload our things and head to the pool....

View from our room - BREATHTAKING

Pathway to the pool

View from Preston's Restaurant at lunch time


Our first morning at Loews - mimosa's and lunch - we ate Fish Tacos and a Cobb Salad - YUUUUM

South Beach

Wings at the Nautilus Pool Bar

AWESOME shower - I LOVE showers

Downtown Miami at night - my favorite pic

First night out :) Had Hookah at Divine then walked the strip

This sweet foreign guy w/ long hair offered to take our pic!

Ocean is awesome - I must visit her more often

The moon lit up the ocean - amazing view

In the elevator, getting ready for Emeril's, Sushi then walking the strip again

Pathway to pool at night :))

Loews Miami - Day 1 - 9/20/10

I didn't arrive into Miami until 11:30pm on 9/20/10 since I worked all day. Thea G was staying at the Delores so I met her there, we walked on Collins for a bit then called it a night.

View at night of Loews Miami - beautiful

Friday, September 3, 2010

17 DAYS...

And I'll hit up MIAMI BEACH :))))

My Thea Gina is flying to Miami on 9/20 from Milwaukee, WI and we're having our own girls trip. It'll be the first for us so I'm pretty stoked. So stoked I'm thinking that I'm gonna eat

This woman was in the delivery room when my mom had me, she drove me around in her convertible while I pretended to talk on my pretend phone, she rode her bike while I roller bladed - we used to hang all the time SO let the fun times begin!