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Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/25/10 - I hope I don't get attacked by a monkey

This morning was an interesting morning with Karen screaming, "Ew, Ew, Ew - Kristina! There's a mouse and it's babies living in my suitcase!" My sleeping self stays in bed while Princessa stomps on the mice and Karen brings her suitcase to dump outside. She doesn't ever go in that suitcase, it's for storage for things she doesn't use much and a mouse bit through the zipper and has been living there for God knows how long.

After that fiasco, we make our way into town to get money and on our way up to the mountains for our hiking trip!


the Black Forest founded by the Germans!

Walking to the hotel until Karen's phone had signal to call for a ride


And our journey begins...

I was fresh, new blood for the mosquitos so I was torn apart my entire visit - this OFF spray did nothing for me

HUGE tree

Planning on how not to get lost in the the dark

Pretty church and ringing the bell

Timing pictures are the most fun - having to run so fast to get in the picture!

HAHA! This picture makes me laugh outloud...don't worry, we've got plenty more like this

Our shack for the night called KAREN!

The view from our room

Our 2nd hike after lunch...getting close to dark (it wasn't actually this dark, it just looks like that from the camera)

My hair is CRAZY this entire time

Yes, we got caught in the rain halfway through our hike

Our neighbors

After playing cards, we finished the night with watching "Nights in Rodanthe"

And Karen balled her eyes out and was too lazy to get up and wipe her nose so she had snot running down her face THEN when she does get up, she does THE LOUDEST fart. I say, "GOOD GOD" and she tells me "I was holding it that entire time because I know you get so mad when I fart and it smells" - can you say bestfriend? hahahahaa

6/24/10 - That guy tried to steal my basket!

We attempted to wake up at 6:30am but I got up at 7 and finally showered. The first time since Tuesday morning since I’ve been putting it off because I know it’s going to be cold and showers here are by filling one large bucket up with water and using a small bowl to pour the water over you, little by little. I’d have a difficult time adjusting to all of this. Karen spoiled me and boiled my water and got it ready for me 


This is why I only showered 4 out of my 10 days in Nica...

I didn't want to be cold pouring water on myself - whatev...I'm in Nicaragua

Teaching the 7th graders to say...

"I brush my teeth everyday" in Ingles

We went to Karen’s school to sit in with the 7th grade class. This class has a teacher that knows a little English and teaches them some and Karen will help out. They introduced me again but I never get any questions since everyone is shy. They knew Chris and Brittany from their visit in May so Karen mentioned that. The schooling here is so unorganized; the kids just do whatever they want and classes will either be cancelled or cut short. They don’t have actual textbooks so it’s hard to have an agenda.

This is how the people from Nicaragua smile...

I don't ever want to hear a comment about me not smiling again.

The English teacher

We left at 9am and took the bus to visit this “Hammock’s and Breakfast” Hostel that this guy just built. We were walking to the hostel as these men yell “Ey, mami” from his house and Karen says “I am not your mother” haha. This guy that owns the hostel heard us speaking English when we were ordering movies (I got 11…I couldn’t resist it! $1.50 a movie, the US can’t beat that!) He wanted tourists input. The hostel was okay. You sleep in hammocks and it’s pretty plain. It was okay but it was nice to lay in the hammocks.

THE LIFE - time actually stopped for me in Nica

Bottled water off the streets

There's this homeless guy that's always at the bus stops (clearly on something) and tried to steal Karen's basket from her! HILARIOUS - trying to get a pic of him before I leave since we see him almost everyday.

WE GOT IT - we were taking our last bus ride to Matagalpa, leaving Karen's town AND sure enough, he was at the bus stop - the one with the hat on. I said, "Karen! Karen! He's there! Get the camera!! GET the camera!!" HAHA

Sidenote: As we’re riding the bus, Karen tells me that there was a bat in the room last night just as I fell asleep but she didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t freak out. This makes me feel better for tonight.

We got home today at 1pm and slept until 3pm….woke up sweating it was so hot. I finally got in my dress and we left the house at 5pm to go to Juansito’s 8th birthday party. Juansito is Kiotho’s nephew from the family we met the other night. We brought the cookies and marshmallows over to make smores later too.

Kiotho's brother

Kiotho - such a sweet girl!

Juansito's 8th birthday - BIRTHDAY BOY!

This is why they all wear SO much gel in their hair!! They start young - hilarious

Smores for EVERYONE!

We were the culprits :)

Their cat had kittens!

Kiotho's family - Karen's neighbors and good friends - such a wonderful family

Painting our nails - girls night :)