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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Leaving Atlanta 4/5/10

Leaving Atlanta at 7am to miss all the traffic and get back to work at 2pm - made it into Orlando in 5 and a half hours...going 100 mph

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2 in Atlanta - 4/4/10

What I'd like to do on my next trip - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

How every minibar should look like....

Lunch at Restaurant Eleven.

Hotel Lobby

Kristina: "Let's get an appetizer...not duck"

Georgia Aquarium...not so big

Room 1707 - Ironically this was the same room number that I cleaned the night before at RPR....crazy

Day 1 in Atlanta - 4/3/10

Driving up to Loews Atlanta...

Concierge gives Suheyn a map and as he's opening it and attempting to fold it he says, "This map is like origami!" A few minutes later, we get in the car and Suheyn says, "Do you get it? Cuz I don't." (pertaining to the map directions she was given)

So we check in and as soon as we get in the room, Suheyn says "See how easy that check in was? Ain't nobody worried about no tickets!" - SO TRUE

VARSITY - The World's Largest Drive-In Restaurant

Loews at night....

Bar Eleven - beautiful

Most amazing shower...I want one.

Room Service!

Loews Atlanta signature drink - Lavender Drop

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heading to Loews Atlanta...

After working 9 days straight, 12 hour's time for a mini road trip.
Suheyn and I are driving to Atlanta Saturday morning at 8am.
I'm just getting off my overnight shift and Suheyn didn't get home until 2am on Saturday morning sooo this road trip should be hilarious. AND I'm even letting Suzzy drive Medusa...

I'm slightly delusional now because I've been getting yelled at by random strangers and barely sleeping SO I'll continue with this as we hit the road...