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Monday, March 15, 2010


It feels SO GOOD to be home!!

I woke up extremely productive today :) I'm visiting the bank this morning since I've received the documents I need to start the process for this house hunting game. I'm SO excited and my goal is to find a house, quickly, to buy before April 31. I love a good challenge...

I was having work withdrawals 4 days after being in Germany. It kills me not to know what's going on. I've decided that retiring is just not an option for me, ever. I work today at 2pm and cannot wait to get back!!!

I'll be traveling to Managua, Nicaragua on June 21 so I'll be blogging then OR if I make any side trips in between, I'll blog :)

Thanks to everyone for following this and I can't wait to go on more adventures!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 10 - Day before I fly back to Orlando...

This morning we left the house at 11am to get to the train station. We took the train to Hannover to watch them play against Frankfurt. Hannover won: 2-1.

My face just looks like I'm sick :( So so tired...

We got off the train, back to Melle, at 8pm and picked up a Döner on the way. A Döner is essentially like a Gyro.

The cold weather has finally caught up with me. My nose will not stop running and I sneeze every 3 minutes, to be exact. And my sneezes sound like coughs so people just look at me crazy.
I've enjoyed myself SO MUCH but this traveling business gets to you after a while. I'm ready to be back to work and begin my house hunting. I'd like to buy a home by April 31 BUT if I don't find something that I LOVE then it can wait.
I'm also excited to get back into my workout routine which consists of basketball, twice a week, so hopefully the Orlando weather is nice from now on.

Well I'm all blogged out and pooped out. I've got to take the midnight train (in 2 hours) to Frankfurt. It's a 6 hour train ride so I arrive at the airport at 7am. My flight isn't until 11:30 so I've got some time to kill. Perhaps I'll read OR watch movies on my laptop :)

Can't wait to be home...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tell someone...

Tell someone that you love them.
Don't do it to hear it back. But say it for you.
We hold back in fear of rejection, the feeling of embarrassment, too much pride, not the right time, or perhaps they don't deserve it.
It will never be the right time, some people may not deserve it but it's for you and your character.
Time doesn't wait for anyone.
Time is no one's friend.

Think about it and think about the people you love and how rarely you tell them that you love them because "they know" or "they'll always be there."
Trust me...they don't know and they will not always be there.

Advice from KK...I observe too much. That's where these deep thoughts arise from.

Day 9 - Day of no traveling...random photos

The beautiful tulips that Jess had waiting for me in my room when I landed!

Chocolately goodness of cereal...

Lebron James is even well known in Germany.

Most amazing voodoo knife holder...cracks me up

My shoes! I bought them for $40 in the US NOT Euros - very expensive in Germany

Apparently, the new European style

Best Bratwurst...

McDonald's everywhere - ridiculous (I've only eaten German food :)

I would like my own bean bag chair...please and thanks


The bears are Berlin's mascot and the beers are...for fun.

We found where all the bears were hiding in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


- After observing many people, I've realized that I'd like to stand beside someone that's listening to their ipod, take an ear piece out of their ear and put it in mine JUST to see the reaction.
- SO when we were at one of the night clubs, the song "RESPECT" came on and Jess referred to Aretha Franklin as Urethra Franklin....HILARIOUS!
- It costs .50 cents to use the restroom ANYWHERE - RIDICULOUS.
- It costs .30 cents per ketchup packet (I have been ketchup-less here)
- When you buy anything bottled, it costs an extra .25 cents but you get that back when you bring the bottle back. (to promote recycling)

Day 8 - The Berlin Zoo

We checked out of our Hostel at 9:30am, grabbed a bite to eat at the train station then headed to the Berlin Zoo.

I LOVE the monkeys!

Mailing my postcards!

My people are popular everywhere and our food especially

We left Berlin at 14:30 to take the train back to Melle. We arrived in Melle around 18:00. We got settled then Jess made a fab dinner and I did the dishes. Then Jess put all these downloaded movies on my laptop so I can be my normal insomniac self and not sleep on the airplane :) Bless her heart.
Now we plan on eating an ice cream and watching a movie

Day 7 - Another day in Berlin

We started our morning with visiting 2 museums. Das Neues Museum and Pergamon Museum.

Where's Kristina?...

Finally made it to the Berlin wall...after 20 years of wanting to go

My face was SO COLD that I just stopped smiling in hurt.

Stopped to eat ein Berliner from the infamous speech that JFK gave, years ago, calling himself a jelly filled donut. He said, "Ich bin ein Berliner" instead of saying "Ich bin Berliner." Quite a difference but the Germans loved him and still do.

We stopped at the Gedächtniskirche - a beautiful church that was destroyed in the 2nd world war and parts were restored.

5.58 Euro for a wild cherry pepsi in Germany - imported food from the US is outrageously expensive here

Jess navigated us everywhere whilst I took pictures - I was no help at all

Checkpoint Charlie

Bundestag (aka Parliament building) - Can you find Kristina again?...