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Monday, March 31, 2014


March 31, 2014

Jamie decided to wake Taryn and I up around 3am whispering in Vietnamese.  
Taryn thought that Jamie was practicing her Rosetta Stone and I thought that the two of them were just talking because Jamie was whispering when in fact, Jamie was merely sleep talking in Vietnamese. (She leaves in April for Vietnam SO apparently she was practicing)

I woke up at 6am and finished my blog by 7am since I couldn’t finish it the night before. Then I headed back to the cabin at 7am sharp to get my hair did.  Jamie put some sweet cornrows in my hair for our painting day. Taryn got a French braid done. As we’re in our van this morning I say, “I gotta wear my durag tonight, make sure my hair stay tight.” And Jamie says, “What did you say?” HAHA
The hair made me extra ghetto this early morning . . . for the rest of the entire day.

(including Taryn but she's taking the pic!)

This is the main building which I refer to as "The Castle" 
(mainly because it provides internet)

SIDENOTE: I’m on 4 hours of sleep because I went to bed close to around 2am then woke up at 6am. So, I was pretty overtired and had way too much energy.

Our sweet bunk beds

Just before leaving, Daniel says, “Rafel will be late. He’s a buster.” And I say out loud, “Wow, he knows good American slang to call him a buster” then Taryn says, “He said Pastor not buster” Oh, hahahha

There are pony’s and donkey’s in the back and Daniel warned us that the pony likes to nibble so watch our butts.

WARNING: Anything/Everything you say WILL end up in my blog.

Jamie was fixing my weave.

We were all hysterically laughing at 830am for who knows why. I was extra ghetto because of the braids and delirious because of barely any sleep.

 A few of us drove with Daniel and he’s hysterical. We initially were following Peter who was driving Margaret and Nathan and the van went off the road a little and Daniel says, “Peter, stay on the road. Drunk again.”

Daniel also informs us that at 18 is when you get your license, you can drink and get married. So I turn to Taryn and say, “Great, so you can be drunk WHILST driving to the chapel.

We have to drive an hour out of our village to anywhere, if not longer, and here I am never bringing my book with me! SO, after two days, I’ve decided to use my head and pack my book with me to read on the van rides.

Once we got to Lodz, around 10am, there’s was the cutest dog by the fence and I say, “He’s cute” and Daniel replies, “Oh, thank you” and I’m all, “Oh, I love him” and Daniel says, “Oh, wow.” Haha He’s such a character. His wife and kids must be entertained and all times.

We painted for a few hours. There were some supplies there but not enough for everyone so they made a couple of trips to purchase more brushes, etc. We got some done and plan on doing the rest on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our group (Captain Jeff, Taryn and Jamie) laughed A LOT ALL DAY.



And apparently this is how I sand walls.

My sista from anotha mista

Captain Jeff is a professional tape wall putter
(that's right, I said it)

Maddie doin work!

Ladies . . . working hard or hardly working?

(best pants EVER)

Iphone break

The children came around 3pm, we say down and ate with them and just socialized. The ages ranged from 3 years old to 10 years old. The older kids speak some English but the younger kids don’t. It’s ok though because I found out that tickling and high fives are also universal.

I’ve fallen in love . . . with all of the children and we only visited with them for 30 minutes or so today.

The kids were so sweet. This little 5 year old boy kept speaking to me in Polish so I called Simon over to tell me what he was saying and he was telling me that he can stand on his head. And the older boys wanted to go outside and play soccer and basketball but we were only meeting them for that short time today. On Tuesday is when we will mainly play with all of them and I can’t wait.

This is the 5 year old boy telling me about standing on his head.
His name was super difficult to say. I will find him tomorrow and ask again and retain it.

There’s this hand shake the older kids do and if you’re not paying attention, they hit your forehead. It’s quite entertaining for everyone.

She put her arm around me when we took a picture.
So sweet. This is Olivia.

Of course the table I'm sitting at, the kids are throwing up hand signs.

We went to a large mall for an hour or so and I was able to mail my postcards.
I didn't buy anything, I'm just not much of a purchaser.

While Simon was telling us what's where, at the mall, Jamie was looking down so I lean in and ask, "Jamie, are you sleeping?" and she looks at me and says, "No . . . but good question. Fair."
She sleeps ALL the time and pretty much anywhere, haha

The camp where we are staying is simply amazing. 
It's like a giant jungle gym.
(I'd post more pics but they take WAY too long to load here)

Love the trees

That's as far as I went, I didn't want to go higher. 
One day, I will make it to the top and stop being afraid of the height.

 Margaret is a professional and they kept using weird words I didn't know but I felt safe.

We ended the evening with food and a meeting.
We have a great bunch of people and we've all warmed up and have been laughing practically non stop since we've gotten to Poland.

They feel us so well here and have such hospitality. 
They're such loving people.
Grateful that work gave me the time off for this trip and thankful for allowing God's plans unfold.

(It's 12:30am and I'm the only one left in the castle blogging. Off to bed to wake up at 6:30am to shower then find the donkeys!)

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