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Wednesday, March 19, 2014



James Abe - FL
Carol Benner - FL
Leo Babin - FL 
Deborah Sumner - FL
Craig Gee - NV
Frank Giglia - FL
Jessica Schaaf - FL
Ann Price - FL
Martha Malic - FL
Liz Kooistra - WI
Karen and Wil Picado - WI
Keisha Edwards - TX
Nicolas Rivera - FL
Brittany and Bill Luznicky - WI
Andrea Schmidt - WI
Chris Riedel - IN
Jessica Blackburn - VA
Angie Moese - FL
Charlene Thomas - WI
Martina Barbarian - NV
Jennie Katris - FL
Jim Edwards - FL
Hyman Kletzel - FL
Greg Spatz - FL
Louis Vasquez - NV
Tracey Gibbs - FL
Amanda Schwartz - NV
Angela Stueve - Germany
Justine Pospolita - Canada
Tristan Johnson - NV
Elaine Dridi - WI
Sarah and David Halladay - FL
Jill Meyers - NV
Tonya and Flintie Williams - NV
Jermell Marshall - FL
Phil Thomas - FL
Alicia Ramos - NV
Terrie Ramos - CA

Please PLEASE forgive me if I left anyone out. I tried hard to keep a list the minute that I received donations so that I could put names and where you're from. IF I did forget, please text/email and I will add you ASAP!

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

I can't thank everyone enough for making this become a reality. I've always wanted to go on a missions trip and thankfully, I was able to take the time off from work as well. We (members of Verve church) had originally planned to go to Poland in October 2013 but many of us ended up not being able to and then this came around a perfect time. God's timing.

I'm so very excited to see what we can bring to Poland and anxious to bring Poland back with us!

We (12 of us) fly on Friday (3/28) at 11am. We fly to Denver, have a 4 hour layover and fly from Denver to Frankfurt which is our longest flight, 9 1/2 hours. THEN we fly from Frankfurt to Warsaw and we arrive to our destination around 2pm on Saturday (3/29).

We WILL have internet at the campground which is really like a dormitory so I'm not sure why they call it that but I shall find out and get back to you. Therefore, I'll be updating this blog EACH night. 

I can't wait to share stories, pictures and UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES!

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