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Thursday, May 22, 2014


April 5, 2014

Today was definitely an early day. 
We left by 6am in order to make it to the airport, in Warsaw, by 8am.

Most of us slept on the 2 hour van ride to the airport. I actually read, I was awake for some odd reason.

Jamie didn't think I knew how to use the automated check in after I was TRYING to scan my passport and it WOULDN'T then she tried it and it still didn't work :)
Love you, bestieeee

I wanted to smell my coffee before I grabbed it.

Lesson learned: Bad internet is worse than no internet AND do NOT attempt to do my travel blog when there is bad internet.
I simply wrote everything on Microsoft Word and then pasted everything to my blog once I had connection.

Jeff was attempting to get my aisle seat on our flight from Frankfurt to New York and he thought sitting on my lap would do it . . . it did not.

He had a middle seat and his TV didn't work properly.
Until next time . . .

My bestie, Taryn, shared her pillow and someone got our pic, haha

I'm assuming Margaret got this one . . .

 I will forever fly with LuftHansa anytime I fly to Germany. 
This airline spoiled us and was amazing.

Once we got to Newark, we were waiting in line to go through customs and there was this build gentleman with a bald head (just looked hardcore) that was the guy looking at our passports. Once I got through, Jamie was after me and I was waiting and I say, "Come on, bestie" so the guy looks at her and says, "Bestie!" and it was the BEST THING EVER.

We had just gotten through showing our passports and towards customs it says, "No photographs" so I hand my phone to Jeff and say, "Take a picture" then I tell Jamie that we're going to stand by it but look as if we're nonchalantly hanging out, don't look directly at the camera . . . which is why we are both smiling and looking in opposite directions.

 I read most of this book on my trip. 
I can relate to it COMPLETELY. The author hit it on the head with the ridiculous guest complaints and the things people make up just to attempt to get things. 
I wouldn't have the energy in me to even care enough to waste my breath.

This post was short compared to the rest. This is why I have to post/blog when I'm traveling otherwise I forget all of my stories . . . even when I have notes. 

All in all, this missions trip to Poland was a blessing and unforgettable experience. I would love to go back a year from now and see all of the progress done in Tomy church, the schools and the orphanage.

I'm so very thankful for Verve Church and happy I have another home in Christ.
I pray for continual growth in Christ and pray that I can show the same. 
Not just talk about it, be about it.
I don't want to be a "fan" for Jesus, I want to be his FOLLOWER.

Live. Life. Out. Loud.

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