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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


April 4, 2014

Let me just tell you that today was ANOTHER day FULL OF LAUGHTER.

We started our morning with breakfast at 830am. Which mainly consists of us all sitting at the table with our food on our plates but on our phones the entire time. I was sitting beside Jeff at breakfast and I got up to put my plate away and as I walk back he says, “I thought you were going to take it (points at his plate)” and I reply with, “Jeff, I’m not much of a caretaker. Truth.
Jeff and I then go to the barn to see the donkeys and ponies. That was an adventure in itself. Let’s just say that the donkeys were NOT being appropriate.

As we get in the van, John says that we’re going to listen to ROCK BALLADS on the way to the castle. Before going to Tomy, we drove to the old church on the hill and then walked to a castle in the same area. Daniel was our tour guide and it’s NEVER a dull moment with him around so it was rather amusing.

At the old church, there’s a cemetery there and the graves have large monuments above ground (still buried below) and there isn’t much grass since they’re all very close by each other. Daniel informed us that if someone were to ever mow the lawn on top of the graves (like in the US), it’d be blasphemy to them in Poland.

We then enter the old church and climb upstairs and as Daniel rings the bell slightly, he informs us NOT to do that. When you ring the bell, it means that someone has passed.



Jamie was looking at the ducks or something so I stand behind her so someone can take a pic of me pretending to push her in (without her knowing) and I didn't see Daniel behind and and just after they took this pic, he had pretended to push me so I scream because I wasn't expecting that. 
Good times.

As we were inside exploring, Daniel’s phone rang and I said, “Wow, you’re popular” and he said, “Jesus is calling me.”

We then walk to the castle. As I tell Margaret to take a picture with me she says, “Aww, it’s our first selfie” lol and then she kept closing her eyes in the pictures and says, “I was trying to force my eyes open (because of the sun)” and Jeff says, “I bet, you’ve been trying to do that all morning.” She was extra sleepy that day.

Jeff and I decided to do a mini photo shoot whilst touring this building...

always a good time.

We visited the future school, where they bought land.
We all walked around it and in it and prayed over it.

SO . . . as Jamie was walking around praying for the building, a bird pooped on her head.

And Taryn, like a good bestie, cleaned it out for her as I (another good bestie) took pictures AND recorded this priceless moment.

Margaret discovered how to fall asleep standing up and as a good friend, I made sure to capture the moment.

We then visited two other schools that have been established for a couple of years now. They are Christian schools. We learned that in Poland you have to learn two other languages than just Polish and it’s English and German. If people really excel, they can learn Spanish as another.

They’ve seen many teacher and parents come to Christ through just the kids being in the school. They start their day with prayer and solid bible teaching. Not all teachers and/or staff are Christians. And they are well aware of what’s practiced prior to accepting the position.

We helped the preschoolers do a small craft of making a cross out of Popsicle sticks. This little girl was sitting beside me and kisses me on the cheek then hugs me, unexpectedly. It was the cutest thing.

300 kids  year don’t have a pre-school to go to. Their school initially started with 28 kids and now they have 170.

Soup is the biggest thing in Poland and it's delicious.

This was strawberry sauce and noodles (or something) and she said that most Americans don't like it but I'm pretty sure that we all had 2 plates.

She was saying that a child’s faith is far greater than an adult’s and here’s the story that follows:
She was telling us the story of when they were in the US (her husband is from the US) and staying for a couple of months visiting family. Her son would pray at night that his friend David (their friend Daniel’s son) would come to the US so that they could play because he missed him. She didn’t want him to get his hopes up of something so unrealistic so she would say that it’s not that possible for that to happen. Some time passed and shegot a call from Daniel saying that his family in the US are helping pay for their tickets and want them to visit. So, in a month or so, her son and David were playing together in the US.

Another story of one of their staff members having cancer and the children and teachers would pray for her health every day. The teacher overcame the cancer and when the other teachers announced that she would be okay, the kids reaction was, “Well yea, we prayed.”
This just shows how sometimes we need to have faith just like children.
Believe in what seems to be impossible.

Playing some crazy NOT UNO way of playing UNO with the kids.
They made crazy rules that didn't make sense BUT we laughed A LOT.

Simon (not spelled or pronounced like that) was SUCH A GREAT HELP. He was with all of us pretty much most of the time. We had Piotr (Peter) who drove the van and Simon was always with telling us information and just hanging out.


These girls and I were besties whilst playing BINGO.
It got loud.

 Daniel is HILARIOUS

I don't remember what happened here but Margaret's face is priceless while Jeff is yet again....on his cell phone all up in church.
I suppose I'm not any better since I'm taking pictures with mine, haha


I don't know where I was trying to connect to wifi but when I saw CHEERS BAR, I got so happy!
Then thought of a friends episode (I know, it's pathetic) of when they are all in London (except for Phoebe since she was pregnant and couldn't fly) and Joey was feeling homesick and when he turned the TV on, Cheers TV show was on and he got sad again.
That's my story, thanks for listening.

Our last picture of the night before we went back to the camp to sleep and pack.
Love this church.
Reminds me of Verve and it's so incredibly amazing to see that people across the world are praising God just like we do but in a different language. That's pretty cool too.

Lesson learned --> LOVE IS UNIVERSAL.

We left Tomy a little late, maybe 8pm (and I only say that's late because by the time we drive back to the camp, it's late) and we went to Rafal's home for dinner. His wife prepared GREAT FOOD and they are such a sweet family.

We ate dinner at Rafal and his wife's home.
The girls: Maddie, Kristina (spelled like my name! I wasn't referring to myself in the third person), Jamie and Taryn.

 Our last day in Poland, before flying out the next morning, was another successful day.

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