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Monday, April 28, 2014


April 2, 2014

Internet has not been my friend in Poland. I gave up last night at 11:30pm for posting my blog and decided I'd rather sleep and attempt to wake up at 6am. So I slept, woke up at 6 and the internet was still not working enough for me to post my blog. And it's 8pm and not any better. Posts will have to be postponed until I get good internet or until I'm back in the states.

I was pretty slow in getting ready this morning. I was just not feelin' it. We had breakfast at 8 and left at 830am to head to the building and finish painting. As we got into the van, I could hear this annoying noise over the radio so I'm asking EVERYONE in the van if they can hear it. Once I get confirmation, I'm looking toward Jeff to ask the driver if he can change the radio possibly to get rid of that noise. Before the driver fixes it, I ask Jeff, "You can't hear that?" and he responds with, "What's that?" That answered my question, haha. The driver ended up fixing it and I yelled, "Jenky Jesus!" Jenky is short for something longer that I can't spell or pronounce and it's "thanks".

So we get to the building at 10am and find out that the principle did not like the dark brown (that she picked out) on the walls. SO all of painting that was done on Tuesday . . . was now going to be painted over with a lighter color. We were then told that we had until 1pm to finish it all and it was 10:30am . . .

Apparently the tape was not lifted up when painting so there was a yellow stripe going down the wall.
(Didn't matter much since we had to paint over everything anyways)

As Jamie and I were retaping, we noticed that we have 5th grader hands.
They are so small !

This is why painting really took longer than it should have . . .

Jamie was also explaining that when she was in Honduras that they had to MAKE their own paint and then they stood on mudslides in order to paint.
Their motto was, "PAINT BEFORE YOU FALL!"

The new colors which we were skeptical at first buuuut . . .

It turned out pretty good.

The paint used on the railings was pretty intense but looked good when finished.

Pastor Jeff skipping lunch to finish painting.

The outcome.

We got everything accomplished by 3pm! Then we headed in back for a barbecue. That's right. We were slightly worried when at noon we were told that we ran out of paint and had to wait almost an hour to get it. We were pushed for time but it made for that much better of an effort!

Of course some of the little kids touched the railing though we were all there telling them NOT to touch the railing.

Meet Lightning!
Such a sweet dog.
I have no idea how to say his name in Polish but it sounds like "bjorn"but with a "P" and then when I just typed that, noticed that looks inappropriate but that's what it sounds like.

Margaret kept calling him, "Little Ang" - HAHA

He was showing us different letter of the Polish alphabet.
Very difficult language.

The kids all received a gift and we got to read their names and hand it to them.

Pronouncing their names was extremely entertaining in itself.

The certificate Verve Church received!

Our team was SO GREAT and I feel UBER blessed to have shared this experience with all of them.
What great memories!!

On our way back to the camp, most of us sat in the van while a couple people ran inside a store to get something and Conrad looks at Valerie (his wife) and asks, "Wanna make out?" and Val replies with "No" faster then I can say, "Please don't." 
We have all bonded on this trip.

We got back to the camp fairly early so that we went to sleep early since we had to be up around 5ish to drive to Krakow. 


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