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Sunday, September 29, 2013


aka Big Ang
aka Chunker

I'd been visiting Petsmart about once a week, since it's near the house, and I saw this fat cat in one of the windows.

Luckily there was a volunteer there so I could go in back and pet some of the cats. As soon as we opened Angie's cage, she was SO friendly and lovable.

She looks sleepy because she just got up from her nap.

She wanted nothing but love.

For those of you who don't know, I had a cat for 17 years (from when I was 5 years old up until I was 21). I was devastated when she died (of old age) in 2007. I got my cat "fix's" because everyone these days has pets so I'd always be around them but I refused to get one. Plus, I've been living with roommates since 2008 so I just never wanted a pet with a roommate. WELL, my roommate moved out on Sep. 2nd and that was the push to go look for Angie.

I went back to petsmart but she wasn't there so I called this lady named, Kay, who works for FUPI       ( and she said that Angie was still available and that she was currently with a foster family. They rotate the animals out, weekly. Kay was saying how Angie was one of their "senior" cats which we all know I'm an old lady but just in a young lady's body SO I already knew Angie and I were going to hit it off. Most people want to adopt kittens and I know Angie was there for a month, for sure, but I'm not sure how long she'd been waiting for a family. I'm glad I saw her when I did and she was still available a month later.

I called on Thursday and Kay informed me that Adoption Day was that Saturday coming up SO, Saturday couldn't come fast enough!


September 14, 2013

She is so laid back. Kay picked her up out of this cage (above) and she didn't even meow. And when I drove home, she didn't even meow in the car. She did enjoy laying beside her food bowl and what looked like, comfort eating.

She was watching me put together her litter box area. I had her food/water bowls all set up. I initially kept everything in my room, for the first two days, just so that she knew where everything was and could adjust and get comfortable. Then I moved her litter box into the side bathroom and her food/water bowls downstairs. (Make her get some exercise)

Kay informed me that she currently eats the Pro Plan brand and the Chicken and Rice food. When I was walking down the aisle, looking for it, I noticed that was the only flavor that was weight managed...

She was comfortable right away but more comfortable after about 3 days, roaming the house. She did wake me up the first few mornings SUPER early, meowing so after the third day, I decided to leave my room door open and that stopped it. I guess she just wanted access to roam the house, whenever.

This is her buddy that my friend and I won at the San Gennero festival.

I'm not about dressing up animals BUT I did see this tu tu that I thought looked small BUT I decided to get it since it has elastic. Poor Ang can only fit into small dog outfits. So I had to return the tu tu. It was nowhere NEAR fitting her.

She does like to interrupt my work and lay on it, from time to time.

Her sexy pose.
(she gets it from her mama)

My friend brought over a small dog bed and Big Ang JUST about fits in it, haha!

She has a favorite spot on the corner of the couch.

Again, she decides to lay on my work. . .

gets a little more comfortable . . .

and then all the way comfortable ! 

I'm so happy I decided to get her. She's so sweet and affectionate and playful. 
It makes me sad when I see that first picture of her in the window at petsmart because she's so lovable and I get sad BUT she's so at home now :)

LiVe. LiFe. OuT. LoUd.

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