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Saturday, February 16, 2013


FEBRUARY 16, 2013
Las Vegas, NV

It was very convenient that our packet pick up was inside The Palms :)

I had been waiting and waiting for this color run!! 
I saw it online when I first moved here, last year, and missed it so I made sure that I did it the next time it came around.

I love these socks.

It was extremely early. 
Probably around 6am that this picture was taken. I couldn't fall asleep until 1am and then woke up at 2:30am sooo I was pretty tired BUT suuuuuper excited!

Sara, Melissa and I got to downtown around 7am. 
The race started at 8:30am and we wanted to be sure we could find parking, etc. 

I love downtown!

 I look Asian when I'm tired and I almost got this girl from work to believe I was part Asian. 
PS - Whatever material these color run shirts are made out of, is SOO soft and silky smooth.

 I was putting tattoos on my cheeks.
I wasn't crying. 
I only cry when I read books or watch movies. 
Nerd alert!

I got a packet of purple color, when I picked up my packet, and I didn't even have to ask for that color.
I LOVE PURPLE . . . it's my favorite.

AND as we were waiting in line to run, this feminine man asks: 
Feminine man: "Can I trade you my pink color for your purple"? 
Me: "No, purple is my favorite color".

PS - Don't automatically assume that because I'm a girl, I like pink.

My only concern was the fact that I did a leg workout on Tuesday, had practice on Wednesday (and got beat up, literally) and my legs were just done for. I could barely move on Thursday so I just stretched. The minute we started running, shin splints took over. I ran the entire time (waiting to cross the finish line) but at a slower pace. 

I did, however, dance just fine at the end, in front of the stage. I was there for a good 20 minutes. I caught a random bag they were throwing into the crowd. We threw more color. Danced A LOT. It was one of my most favorite dance parties.

The host man that was talking on the mic before the race started, was the guy that checked me in at registration (the day before at the palms) and he recognized me and yelled, "Team Palms" as we ran through . . . that was pretty awesome.


(to after the race)

I was a little sad that I didn't bring my phone on the run BUT I did not want to carry it as I ran. We had to carry our packet of color in our hand (which was nice since it was like a stress reliever) and that was enough.

 Don't ask me how I got color in my mouth. 
I even kept my head down as I ran through the color zones.

 Aphrodite (my car) and I go hard.
(Classic jail pose. Not that I've been in jail but I'd have to imagine that I attempt to do this pose.)

(I really did sing that as the picture was being taken)

Like Whoa! 
Haha . . . but seriously, Greek girls got back too!

I stole these sunglasses at the end of the race. I'm not proud of it but it happened.
 My neck looks like my real color.
 So much purple!

Sara decided to dump her pink color just as I was running past her and half of the bag got into my ear.

I didn't want to take an ice bath but it was so very necessary.
Not from the color run, but from practice last Wednesday. 
I got hit so many times, landed on and bruises everywhere.
Welcome to Football!

 Saying that you're taking an ice bath is VERY different from actually doing it. The second I put my foot in the water, I quickly regretted this entire decision. 
15 minutes!

 I'm pretty sure that when you put a Q-tip in your ear, it should NOT look like this. 
(see picture below)

I would highly recommend this run for ANYONE.
It's 3 miles, you can walk or run. 

I don't know that I'd do it again (I'm almost extremely tired at the moment though) but the color is kinda hard to get off of your skin. Not bad but just a little annoying. Who am I kidding? I'd do the race again just to get to the DANCE PARTY at the end!!

Live. Life. Out. Loud.

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