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Thursday, November 14, 2013


You can run but the same problems will follow . . . 

Perhaps we can run away from people and situations but if you don't turn from your ways, those same people may not show up, but I guarantee that very similar situations will continue to reoccur.

Only you know your own intentions. 
People can assume all day long but that means nothing. 

The part that we (all people) forget to remind ourselves is that we won't see change in our lives until we truly WANT to change. Until we want to change, no one can convince us otherwise. 

Try not to wait until you hit "rock bottom" (as most people say) to figure out that the way you've chosen to do things, just aren't working. I personally think that it's better to choose the right thing, hurt a little right then, and move forward that much faster. 

(We tend to procrastinate hurt/pain but we all know it's either going to hurt "now" or "later" but we can't get out of it not hurting at all.)

Time is valuable and nobody likes their time wasted.

Chew on that and do what you will. 
It's your time.

. . . stop running away

Live. Life. Out. Loud.